How to Anticipate Citrix End-User Performance Issues with Embedded Intelligence and Automation

Citrix End-User Performance

Learn how to capture true end-to-end visibility into the health of your complete Citrix infrastructure showing automatically all the dependencies of the underlying elements that can impact end-user performance.

Goliath’s proactive and purpose-built IT performance monitoring and troubleshooting software gives you, in real-time, a detailed understanding of what end users are experiencing from the time they initiate a logon, through the logon process, and while working in their Citrix session. Goliath delivers true Citrix End User Experience monitoring and troubleshooting that enables IT admins to Be Proactive.

Goliath Performance Monitor is the only comprehensive Citrix End-User Performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution that brings together Citrix monitoring data, end user experience performance metrics and the supporting IT elements that can impact end users experience when using Citrix. Comprehensive Citrix monitoring requires full visibility into everything the user does from the initial logon to working within their Citrix session and the IT infrastructure that supports this activity.

You can use this integrated toolset to proactively monitor and manage the entire Citrix IT delivery infrastructure to easily identify the root cause of performance issues and resolve them before end-users complain.

Goliath will automatically integrate with your environment and build a dependency map of your Citrix infrastructure components – and ancillary database and Active Directory systems. Goliath’s intelligence engine assigns correlating monitoring for relevant failure points to each component, so you can monitor with a purpose. Since this is all automatic, you can just sit back and watch – tweakin and tuning is your only responsibility. Then, pre-configured Citrix Monitoring rules are automatically applied and look for over 250 common failure points in the Citrix, Infrastructure, and Role Servers. Because of this embedded intelligence, you don’t have to be a Citrix expert to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex Citrix environments. Goliath’s purpose-built Citrix monitoring and troubleshooting software has the Citrix expert included!