Citrix HDX for Dummies Free eBook version 2.3

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Citrix HDX for Dummies is a free eBook that provides an overview of the different Citrix HDX capabilities and its benefits for users and IT administrators. The goal for this eBook is to shed light on the different aspects of the HDX protocol from Citrix. I’ve also included a HDX 3D Pro section in the eBook, which focuses on the HDX 3D Pro technology and how it can help users to work remote with applications that requires advanced graphics. I have updated the ebook to version 2.3, to incorporate recent new features within the HDX stack that Citrix has added. Citrix are adding new features to their HDX protocol with each new release of their XenApp and XenDesktop products. That includes the new Framehawk technology, support for more vGPU types, support for lower bandwidth links and much much more. I hope you enjoy this free eBook.

Citrix HDX for Dummies
Citrix HDX 3D Pro for Dummies

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