Cameyo Launches Unique Community Platform for Virtual Applications

New concept automatically produces virtual Windows applications on the fly, eliminating misbehaving software and taking Windows applications portability and usability to the next step.

Cameyo, the popular application virtualization provider, is launching a new platform for using and sharing free virtual applications, more easily than ever before.

The community platform, named Cameyo Online Library, is tightly integrated with Cameyo’s Online Packaging service. Every day, it automatically finds and adds free applications that can be safely used and shared. The library then leverages users’ feedback to filter out applications that do not virtualize properly. The packaged applications can be download and used very simply, while keeping one’s computer isolated and unaffected by these virtual applications.

Addressing the pain points of virtual applications:
Virtual applications, while extremely easy to deploy, use and remove, have two major drawbacks. First, they require time and efforts to build (“package”). Secondly, they are not guaranteed to function properly. Cameyo’s Online Library effectively solves these issues through innovative technology.

Cameyo’s Online Library automatically detects popular free applications. It then uses the Cameyo Online Packaging platform, and adds the resulting virtual packages into the library. Cameyo’s cloud servers automatically check for new updates for all of the library apps. The library grows automatically and gets bigger and bigger every day.

One important aspect of the Cameyo Online Library is the sharing of information and feedback among users. Users who encounter an application that misbehaves are encouraged to vote it out.

Cameyo’s library is hosed on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud servers. No user signup, plugins nor pre-installed software is required for using Cameyo’s virtual apps. Any user can use them from any Windows machine. Cameyo’s desktop client software makes it easier to find, download and manage virtual apps from the library, but it is not required. The large collection of free apps allows users to download, try, use, and if necessary remove apps in just a click. All without ever having to go through any installation process, hence keeping one’s computer clean, stable and safe.

About Cameyo:
Cameyo is a popular application virtualization product. It has brought innovation and simplicity into application virtualization. Among its most notable innovations: online cloud packaging technology, one-click packaging, virtual shell integration. It has been selected by PC Magazine among the best free virtualization products of 2011 and 2012. Cameyo’s mission is to make Windows applications easy to try, use, move and remove.

Here is a video presentation of Cameyo

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