Cameyo releases version 2.0 of its free app virtualization product

Application virtualization provider announces a major new version of its free product

Cloud, apps, virtualization. Cameyo 2.0 links those 3 words together. The only 100% free app virtualization software provider is going farther than ever before with its long-expected 2.0 release.

By introducing a new virtual apps library, Cameyo 2.0 users can easily find, download and try ready-to-use virtual apps. By eliminating the need to install software, users can now try hundreds of apps while keeping their computer unaffected, stable and fast. “It is known for a fact that computers are speedy when you first install them”, notes author Cameyoco. “But then as you install more and more Software, your system’s stability & performance degrades over time. By letting users try, use and remove software without ever having to install it, we essentially help people fall in love again with Windows apps.”

Also among the highlights of Cameyo 2.0 is Windows 8 support. Virtual apps can now run on any platform from Windows XP to Windows 8, in both 32-bit and 64-bit native formats.

New integration features provide a richer user experience for virtual app. Virtual apps can now be added as either persistent or non-persistent layer into Windows. By reproducing their shortcuts & file associations and context menus, virtual apps now look as if they were truly a part of the system.

The new CameyoBox lets users access their virtual apps from anywhere, using their Cameyo Online account. Apps packaged online via Cameyo’s Online Packager are automatically made available in their creator’s CameyoBox.

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Cameyo 2.0 quick tour from Cameyo on Vimeo.

A 2 minutes tour of Cameyo 2.0's UI, focusing on the new features.

What’s new:

Version 2.0, that’s:

  • New UI for launching, managing, updating and finding new virtual apps.
  • Stronger, faster and more robust virtualization.
  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Integration with your Cameyo Online account.
  • Public library of virtual apps.
  • CameyoBox: take your apps with you.
  • Cameyo Launcher: your virtual apps launcher.
  • Virtual app integration: your apps look and feel as if they were installed
  • Multi language: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian.

And for IT admins / experts:

  • Better support for UNC-based shared repository.
  • Support for DFS (Distributed File System) and mapped-drive repositories.
  • Dynamic virtual apps configuration: practically any setting is now configurabled through environment vars.
  • More virtual apps parameters, for more flexibility (define app’s startup dir, environment vars, etc).
  • Hot patching: virtual apps can be updated or patched while in use.
  • GhostCapture UI: install and package applications within a simulated environment.

About Cameyo:

Cameyo is a fast-growing, popular application virtualization product which brings innovation and simplicity into its field. Since its launch a year and a half ago, it has been the fastest growing application virtualization product, and has been selected by PC Magazine among the best free virtualization products of 2011 and 2012. Among its most notable innovations are: online app packaging technology, one-click on-site packaging, virtual apps library. Cameyo’s mission is to make Windows applications easy to try, use, move and remove.

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