Cameyo releases worlds first ever online builder of Portable Apps

Cameyo today announces availability of the world’s first online virtual application packager, capable of building virtual applications online, without human intervention.

Packaging virtual applications (also called portable apps) used to be a tedious process, involving the preparation of a clean environment, preparation of system snapshots, installation of the software to package etc. Not anymore! Thanks to the new Cameyo Online platform, Internet users can simply submit applications and receive their virtual equivalent in return, in just a few minutes.

From now on, users can easily generate a portable version of almost any application, provided that it can be virtualized and supports silent installation mode.
Cameyo Online works using a combination of intelligent installer recognition, installation analysis, and virtual cloud infrastructure.

“We’re aware that the online packager is not perfect yet, nor does it work for 100% of applications, but we do believe this is a very big step in this field”, says author Cameyoco.

Once packaged, users receive an email allowing them to download and use the application in different modes, depending on how much isolation they want between the application and the underlying system. Users can even edit their virtual app online, and hence customize their app’s basic settings. More advanced configuration can be made using the regular Cameyo client.

Cameyo Online packager is available for free on

About Cameyo:
Cameyo delivers application virtualization solutions. Its flagship product Cameyo Application Virtualization is the first in a series of virtualization products. The company currently develops breakthrough technologies that leverage virtualization in new ways.

Cameyo’s vision is about making Windows applications mobile and easy to try, use and remove.