Citrix announces the availability of Citrix Receiver for Android version 2.1

This release contains a wide variety of new features that are aimed at improving the user experience on the large range of Android devices that we are seeing out there.  This is especially so on Honeycomb tablets.

To describe the new features in this release the functional areas that they impact are shown below:

  1. HDX improvements
  2. Usability improvements
  3. Web interface support
  4. IME support
  5. Web interface support
  6. Deeper device integration

HDX Improvements

There are 2 major HDX features to this release:

  1. The ability to copy and paste text from a remote application to an application running on the device.
  2. Bi-directional audio support that will enable applications that require voice input from Receiver. This will open up VoIP applications to users of Receiver for Android.

Usability Improvements

There are a number of areas where we’ve improved upon the usability of Receiver.

In-session improvements

The in-session experience has undergone a significant upgrade for this release. Major new features for the in-session experience include:

  • A trackpad which provides a mouse pointer that can be used to select objects in-session
  • A magnifier that is coupled with the mouse pointer for more precise object selection
  • An improved set of gestures which allows for more advanced two and three finger interaction with Receiver.
  • A new gestures guide that will show the set of gestures that are available on your particular Android device
  • A smart viewport feature which will allow the viewport to follow your text input as you type in your application. This is especially useful on phone form factor devices which have a limited viewport onto the session.
  • The ability to enable the auto-suggest feature of the keyboard to provide suggestions for words as you type in the session.

On Honeycomb devices access to the trackpad and magnifier controls is done directly from the action bar, allowing one-tap access to these controls.

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