Citrix Branch Repeater Named a Leader in WAN Optimization by EMA

Citrix has been named a Value Leaderthe highest honors Рin the EMA Radar for WAN Optimization Controllers: Q1 2011. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst and consulting firm that specializes in providing deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies

Traditionally, WAN optimization began with its roots in networking infrastructure and focus on network bandwidth savings. But in the past few years, tectonic shifts such as consumerization, mobility, virtual computing and cloud computing have sculpted a radically new technology landscape. This in turn is increasingly enabling workshifting and Everywhere Employee as the new norm. Envisioning these shifts, we focused on delivering the best user experience… rather than approaching WAN optimization as just a cog in the network plumbing. We in Citrix have been singularly – and some say maniacally – focused on architecting and delivering secure high definition experiences to users in any location, on any network, to any device… for all apps and desktops, both native and virtual… in the datacenter or in the cloud.

Citrix was named as one of the only two Value Leaders by EMA, who evaluated 13 vendors in a detailed analysis of the scope and capabilities of their offerings. They also interviewed end-user customers of the solutions being reviewed Рin some cases several per solution provider Рin order to validate vendor claims. They ranked the 13 solutions in comparison to each, in terms of Product Strength and Cost Efficiency. Their analysis covered details regarding five key areas: Deployment & Administration, Cost Advantage, Architecture and Integration, Functionality and Vendor Strength.

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