Citrix Operations and Maintenance Guide for XenDesktop

After a new XenDesktop environment has been designed and rolled out to production users, there are ongoing tasks required to keep everything running smoothly. This document describes those periodic tasks that are recommended to be executed to support the components of a new Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure.
Monitoring the new environment enables administrators to address issues proactively. By having an in-depth understanding of current and expected behavior of the various components, administrators are better equipped to discover an issue before it impacts the user community.
Make sure to define the monitoring activities that administrators will perform on a periodic basis, as well as the tools that will be used. In addition, determine which reports will be made available to management.
A variety of built-in and customizable reports exist within the Citrix products so that administrators can track trends, effectively plan capacity, and address auditing requirements. In addition, troubleshooting is typically minimized when administrators fully utilize the tools integrated into the Platinum edition, as well as other third party tools.