Citrix CloudBridge now connects to Microsoft Azure

Citrix has released a Tech Preview of their product CloudBridge. Citrix CloudBridge connects enterprise datacenters to external clouds and hosting environments, making the cloud a secure extension of the enterprise network.

This technology preview offers standard based secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure. With this enhancement, a customer can  connect their enterprise data center to the Azure VPN gateway and access the IaaS and PaaS offerings from Microsoft. 

This software is provided as a technology preview. Citrix is not providing technical support for this technology preview.

The following are the key points to note :

  • Secure L3 connection to Azure VPN gateway
  • CloudBridge deployment on the enterprise data center only. It is not running inside Azure
  • No WAN Optimization or L2 extension supported in this solution since it needs deployment of CloudBridge on the Azure end as well.

To implement the Citrix CloudBridge solution, you connect a datacenter to Azure cloud by 

setting up a tunnel between a CloudBridge appliance that resides in the datacenter and a 

gateway that resides in the Azure cloud. This tunnel is called a CloudBridge tunnel. The 

CloudBridge appliance in the datacenter and the gateway in Azure cloud are the end 

points of the CloudBridge tunnel and are called peers of the CloudBridge tunnel.

A CloudBridge tunnel between a datacenter and Azure cloud uses the open-standard 

Internet Protocol security (IPSec) protocol suite to secure communications between peers 

in the CloudBridge tunnel. 


Click here to download CloudBridge for Microsoft Azure (requires a valid account)


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