Citrix NetScaler Release 10.1 Build 122.11 is out

Citrix NetScaler Release 10.1 Build 122.11

Citrix has released a maintenance release of their NetScaler 10.1 firmware.

New in this release:

  • Support for NetScaler SDX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 platform.
  • Enhancement in HDX Insight for reports on client and server side retransmit counts.


NetScaler SDX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 Platform

The SDX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 platform now supports NetScaler release 10.1 build 122.x.

RAID Controller Support on NetScaler SDX 22040/22060/22080/22100/22120 Platform

NetScaler SDX platform supports a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) controller, which can support up to eight physical disks.

Multi-interface Support for BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server Virtual Machines

Management Service now supports assigning interfaces explicitly for high availability and service along with the management for BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server virtual machines.

Percentile Icon in NetScaler Insight Center

The top-right corner of the page now displays a percentile icon, which you can click to display percentile values and the highest and lowest values for a selected metric.

New Information in HDX Insight Center reports

HDX Insight reports now include details about session reconnects, client-side retransmissions, and server-side retransmissions.

Active Sessions Reports in HDX Insight

HDX Insight now provides a report about active sessions, grouped by server IP and gateway IP address.

Customize the display of columns in NetScaler Insight Center

You can now select which columns to show in the tables in the NetScaler Insight Center graphical user interface (GUI), and you can rearrange the columns. Each user can make his or her changes persistent across his or her sessions.


To learn more and download the NetScaler SW click here


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