Citrix NetScaler ships Industry First PayAsYouGrow FIPs appliances

FIPS, Common Criteria and the NEW Citrix NetScaler MPX line give Government the latest tools to ensure security and efficiency.
With the announcement of the now shipping Citrix NetScaler MPX FIPS line that gives customers the option of throughput needed while providing the flexibility of a pay-as-you-grow model for potentially changing environments, the first ADC to be as flexible as our customers’ demands are finally here. This is a very important breakthrough to have four different FIPS models that if demand changes there are no need to rip and replace, simply upgrade the license key and you get more through put on the appliance. Imagine not changing hardware out and not changing configurations just because needs changed.┬áNetScaler already had a superior feature set compared to anything on the ADC market, but now the PayAsYouGrow on FIPS compliant models as well really enables the Government accomplish their demands.

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