Citrix XenDesktop User Bandwidth Planning Guide

Citrix Consulting Solutions has released a white paper that gives an overview of bandwidth planning and requirements for XenDesktop.

Regardless of the flavor of virtual desktop being implemented (hosted shared, hosted VM-based VDI, local streamed, etc.), the network plays a critical role, especially for remote and branch office
users. If the network bandwidth is not planned properly, users will most likely experience poor performance with their virtual desktop.
When planning a virtual desktop solution, one must think about how the user’s workload will evolve. The design must be able to support future activities, not just today’s. As can be observed,
the content users interact with is changing from textual-based to more multimedia-based. Any solution and methodology must be able to account for these changes in user behavior. Although
there is no single answer to the question of how much bandwidth will a user need, this planning guide provides recommendations on how to estimate the user network requirements.

Click here to download the whitepaper XD – Planning Guide – User Bandwidth Requirements