Citrix releases NetScaler 10 Build 70.7

Citrix has released an update to their NetScaler product. The new build includes new features and bug fixes. Citrix NetScaler pushes the footprint of IT which is being rapidly expanded by the end-user. In a world of ever growing BYOD and  SaaS applications, IT executives need flexibility to meet growing business demands and IT managers need a platform they can trust to grow with the coming explosion of data travelling across the network.
NetScaler 10 scales capabilities such as load balancing, security and acceleration to new unbounded levels while at the same time reducing the need for those expensive and massively time consuming forklift upgrades. Only Citrix allows you to scale and consolidate without compromise.

NetScaler 10 Build 70.7

Key New Features:

  • Clustering of HA pairs for capacity increase with no new hardware
  • Clustering multiple appliances for straightforward scaling all the way to 32x
  • Action Analytics for real time traffic monitoring that can dynamically make policy changes to cope with the new dynamic enterprise cloud demands
  • Enhancements to DataStream to further extend NetScaler appliance’s lead in database load balancing
  • Greater performance from  Web Interface on NetScaler along with greater customization
  • New  security features
  • Seek Streaming on HTML5 video files
  • Diameter Load Balancing
  • Plus many more enhancements

Click here to read the full changelog from previous version

Click here to download NetScaler Release 10 Build 70.7 (requires a valid account )


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