Citrix releases NetScaler VPX Release 10.1 Build

Citrix NetScaler 10.1

Mobility and virtualization are driving a fast paced transformation in the Enterprise Data Center that is requiring continued innovation and leadership from the leading vendors such as Citrix. With NetScaler as the acknowledged leader of the ADC market space, NetScaler release 10.1 has a rich set of features to match these transformations in the data center in three key areas:

  1. Superior Mobile application experience
  2. Cloud Like Service in the Enterprise Data Center
  3. Deep visibility for Web Apps and Virtual Desktops

Superior Mobile application experience. As more and more mobile devices enter the enterprise for everyday business use, the enterprise network must adapt to the challenges that these lower powered wireless devices bring. With higher latency and a lower unpredictable network bandwidth, these devices bring a set of challenges that when used through networks that were designed with PC type devices in mind, can exacerbate the problems leading to very poor performance, unhappy users and a business impact.

NetScaler has many updated features such as SPDY and MPTCP support that bring reduce latency and bandwidth issues and deliver a first class predictable user experience for the mobile enterprise user.

XenMobile MDM is a robust mobile device management solution that delivers role-based management, configuration and security for both corporate and employee-owned devices.

Cloud like Service in the Enterprise Data Center. The Cloud has become a byword for fast, flexible, low cost networking, compute and storage, but most enterprises are not ready to wholesale move there IT infrastructure into the cloud. NetScaler release 10.1 is based on Citrix TriScale Technology and delivers the scalability of the cloud to the enterprise network.

With even more flexibility in clustering for SDX, fully independent instances of ADC can now be clustered horizontally within an SDX appliance as well as vertically across SDX appliances along with the ability to run instances in traditional HA mode.

The upgraded traffic domain feature allows for overlapping IP ranges from a single appliance, this provides an inexpensive option for  L4 load balancing with overlapping IPs

NetScaler SDX provides an open platform that now enables best-of-breed consolidated L4-7 networking services delivery with less hardware and significantly reduced management overhead.

Deep visibility for Web Apps and Virtual Desktops. NetScaler Insight Center consists of two key applications – HDX Insight for HDX/ICA traffic and Web Insight for web applications.  The solution is designed to gather the breadth of data available to the NetScaler platform and deliver network and application visibility.

For more information on NetScaler 10.1 features, visit NetScaler Documentation on Citrix eDocs or see the General Documentation section at the Knowledge Center

Note: Access Gateway software in 10.1 release is a Tech Preview. Please refer to Citrix Product Management in case of any queries.

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