Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 vs VMware View 5 Report

A couple of months back, VMware published a report not approved by Citrix on performance tests they commissioned that evaluated a single user using single virtual desktop on a “quiet” LAN to support their claims that PCOIP provided equal or better performance than HDX.  What experienced IT professional is going to test a single user environment and extrapolate that to expected performance with hundreds or thousands of people in departments or divisions?  Certainly not any IT pros we work with.  Maybe that single user test is important for the typical View deployments?  But seriously, the report does not simulate any production environment and has little value in real world deployments.  Also, in the same report the “Best” performance is in the multi-media redirection scenario (which our customers use in real world) – and is won by XenDesktop but VMware simply tries to discount this very relevant use case.

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