Deployment Guide Citrix NetScaler for Microsoft Lync 2010

Microsoft Lync creates a whole new experience that makes every communication interaction more collaborative, more friendly and accessible regardless of location. Citrix NetScaler improves server performance Lync and experience of their users through its technical controler availability of applications ( load balancing , SSL offloading and relay , advanced control system status , TCP Multiplexing and SSL , the overall distribution of server load , high availability etc.).. Deployed upstream servers Lync Edge Server in the DMZ or between servers and servers Lync Edge front on the internal network, Citrix NetScaler guarantees a new level of scalability, performance, security, availability and usability of Microsoft Lync . At the same time, NetScaler accelerates deployment, simplifies management and reduces operating costs of these servers.

Citrix NetScaler optimizes the delivery of Web applications—increasing security, improving performance, and expanding Web server capacity. This approach ensures the best total cost of ownership (TCO), security, availability, and performance for Web applications. The Citrix NetScaler solution is a comprehensive network system that combines high-speed load balancing and content switching with state-of-the-art application acceleration, layer 4-7 traffic management, data compression, dynamic content caching, SSL acceleration, network optimization, and robust application security to provide a single, tightly integrated solution. Deployed in front of application servers, the NetScaler significantly reduces processing overhead on application and database servers, resulting in reduced hardware and bandwidth costs.
There are several ways to configure the NetScaler to load balance the Microsoft Lync servers. NetScalers can be configured through their GUI configuration utility or through the CLI. This guide describes both scenarios, using the Lync Server 2010 as an example. Microsoft Lync 2010 has Standard and Enterprise Editions available. However, the Enterprise Edition is the one that requires a hardware load balancer at the front end of a large deployment with multiple servers in order to scale to the maximum number of users for the Enterprise customers. For large-scale deployments,
NetScaler will front end the Lync servers with Virtual IP addresses and balance the load across the Lync server pool. After Lync clients register on an active directory or Enterprise pool, the client traffic is bound to an Lync-specific server through the NetScaler. Each Lync server within the Enterprise pool directory handles the server applications, security, authentication, and connection and protocol processing. The SQL database in the back end handles the persistent data, such as contact lists and Access Control Lists. Therefore, the same client can be processed by any Lync server in the pool at any given time.

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