SMS PASSCODE Version 5 – Delivers new global Real-Time Two-Factor Authentication

SMS PASSCODE® has rapidly been recognized as a technology leader in the new emerging generation of real-time two-factor authentication solutions. This has also been validated through a series of awards of which the most recent award is the prestigious Red Herring Global 100 list of the most promising IT companies.

The solution protects users against modern threats on the internet by first validating user ID and password after which the system generates a code that is only valid for that login attempt and sends it real-time to the users mobile device. This real-time code protects against modern threats that traditional hardware based token solutions do not.

Based on the rapid global adoption of our more secure system, the new SMS PASSCODE Version 5 introduced today breaks new ground in international deployments with new exciting features as follows:

New global mobile centric two-factor authentication platform
Version 5 introduces a set of new capabilities for delivering the one-time-password globally. Today, we support SMS modems deployed either centrally or distributed throughout the world. This preferred delivery is now augmented with voice dial-out (North America) and secure e-mail for secure systems such as Blackberry and certain Asian countries. The combination of enables us to release the first platform that is designed for modern truly global mobile real-time session-specific OTP delivery.

Self-service portal for end-user configurable access
To support the above broad user driven features and to further ease roll-out of SMS PASSCODE®, a new web-based self service portal is released. This new portal allows the administrator to delegate certain administrative tasks to the users increasing the ease-of-use and flexibility.

New Microsoft Direct Access integration, Citrix Web Interface 5.4 and OpenVPN support
SMS PASSCODE® version 5 also introduces a novel new authentication configuration supporting the Microsoft Direct Access remote access solution. When a user is in the office, they are granted access without SMS PASSCODE authentication, but as soon as they leave the premises and access the corporate resources remotely, SMS PASSCODE can prompt the user to enter a SMS based one-time-password as a means to ensure that the user of the computer is indeed the user intended to be granted access.

In addition, support for the latest versions of Citrix Web Interface and OpenVPN recommended by vendors like VMware are now included.

It takes less than 2 minutes to rry SMS PASSCODE live on your own phone at