How to Install Citrix Linux Receiver on Ubuntu

This article caught my eye today, because I’m running Ubuntu on my XenClient machine just for show, and I wanted to get the Citrix Receiver to work 100% with it.
Well, as they say in Apple-land there is an article for that! It describes how to install Citrix Receiver 11.100 on Ubuntu.


Ubuntu, Citrix Receiver 11.100, OpenMotif 2.3.1


Citrix Receiver 11.100 for Ubuntu (Debian) requires OpenMotif 2.3.1 or greater if you plan to use the GUI for connections. The procedure below installs OpenMotif and Citrix Receiver 11.100.

If you do not require the GUI and only plan to use Web Interface, you do not have to install OpenMotif.


The steps to complete the task are as follows:

Installing Citrix Receiver 11.100 on Ubuntu


Citrix Receiver for Linux v11.100 requires OpenMotif v2.3.1 or greater to use the Graphical User Interface (Custom ICA Connections and PNAgent).

OpenMotiv 2.3.1 is not available as a Ubuntu (Debian) Package at the time of this writing. The current version available using the APT package manager is 2.2.3-4.

The first step in this configuration is to install OpenMotif 2.3.1.

Download OpenMotif 2.3.1. You can find this in the download section of

You can install OpenMotif 2.3.x by converting the RPM pack to DEB using Alien. Alien is a program that converts between Red Hat RPM, Debian DEB, Stampede SLP, Slackware TGZ, and Solaris PKG formats. The first method described in this article will convert the RPM package to a DEB package.

  1. Install OpenMotif 2.3.1.
  2. Convert RPM to DEB:
    a. Download the RPM package from the website.

    b. Install Alien if not already installed:
    sudo apt-get install alien

    c. Convert RPM to DEB:
    sudo alien –d openmotif-2.3.3-1.el5.3.i386.rpm

    d. Install the DEB Package:
    sudo dpkg –i openmotif-2.3.3-2_i386.db
  3. Install using Ubuntu/Debian package:
    You can still technically install libmotif3 using the Ubuntu/Debian package manager and create a symbolic link to the required libraries.
    sudo apt-get install libmotif3
    sudo ln –s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
  4. Install the ICA Client.
    Download the Receiver from the Citrix website at:

    There are two ways to install: from the DEB package or from source.

    Install from DEB package:
    dpkg –i ica_client_11.10000_i386.patched.deb

    Accept the EULA. Citrix Receiver is now available from the Application Menu under Internet or can be launched from the terminal window: /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr

    Install from source:
    a. Download the tar.gz file from the Downloads section of the Citrix website.

    b. Extract the files:
    tar –xzvf linuxx86-11.10000-158406.tar.gz

    c. Run the setup script as Super User to install for all users and follow the prompts:
    sudo ./setupwfc

Select a setup option:

1. Install Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000
2. Remove Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000
3. Quit Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000 setup

Enter option number 1-3 [1]: 1

Please enter the directory in which Citrix Receiver for Linux is to be installed.
[default /usr/lib/ICAClient]
or type “quit” to abandon the installation:

You have chosen to install Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000 in /usr/lib/ICAClient.

Proceed with installation? [default n]: y


Use of this component is subject to the Citrix license covering the
Citrix product(s) with which you will be using this component. This
component is only licensed for use with such Citrix product(s).

CTX_code EP_T_A34320

Select an option:

1. I accept
2. I do not accept

Enter option number 1-2 [2]: 1
Installation proceeding…

Checking available disk space …
Disk space available 16311224 K
Disk space required 6923 K

Continuing …
Creating directory /usr/lib/ICAClient
Core package…
Setting file permissions…
Integrating with browsers…
Browsers found.

Integration complete.
Do you want to integrate Citrix Receiver with KDE and GNOME? [default y]: y
Do you want GStreamer to use the plugin from this client? [default y]: y
Do you want to install USB support? [default n]: y
* Starting Citrix USB daemon [ OK ]

Select a setup option:

1. Install Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000
2. Remove Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000
3. Quit Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000 setup

Enter option number 1-3 [2]: 3
Quitting Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.10000 setup.


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