IGEL Introduces First Endpoint Device Optimized for Teradici PCoIP Ultra Enhancements

Teradici PCoIP Ultra

IGEL and Teradici has announced that the new IGEL UD3 is the first endpoint device to be optimized for cloud connectivity with the Teradici PCoIP Software Client for Linux, including the Teradici PCoIP Ultra feature set.

Hardware acceleration in the IGEL UD3 endpoint provides additional performance boost to remote virtual machines and cloud workspaces using PCoIP Software ( Teradici PCoIP Ultra ) Client for Linux, for brilliant high-definition graphics display

“IGEL’s collaboration with Teradici enables us to continue to provide our mutual customers with an exceptional end user computing experience”- “The enhanced support of PCoIP Ultra, for example, exemplifies a common directive from both companies – to enable secure, optimized performance within virtualized and cloud workspace environments.”

said Casey Cheyne, vice president of cloud partnerships, IGEL.

The new IGEL UD3 endpoint device takes advantage of the powerful AMD Ryzen Embedded R1505G SoC with Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics, enabling the use of the AVX2 instruction set or H.264/HEVC hardware decoding options. Teradici PCoIP Ultra accelerates the decoding processes on the client, improving user experience by providing a smoother display of any moving graphics on the host machine, even in high resolution. The IGEL UD3 can support two 4K displays, providing enhanced productivity for users requiring large amounts of dynamic, visual information with minimal latency and high security.

The Teradici PCoIP Ultra enhancements, first introduced by Teradici last year and supported by IGEL OS since June 2019, uses an expanded array of encoders on the host, enabling the choice of the most efficient hardware or software codecs according to content characteristics. This flexibility results in a faster, more interactive experience for users of remote desktops working with high-demand graphic applications, including those working in visual effects, computer aided design (CAD), animation, simulation and modeling, broadcast video, financial trading, or medical imaging.

“Working with IGEL over the past year has convinced us of the company’s dedication to provide innovative, high-performing solutions and the best possible user experience”. “The IGEL UD3 endpoint, with the integration of Teradici PCoIP Ultra and the hardware features to optimize its performance, further demonstrates the company’s strength in providing remote desktop solutions that balance security and performance needs for a variety of applications.”

said Ziad Lammam, vice president of product management for Teradici.

With PCoIP Ultra and the UD3, end users benefit from greater flexibility of choice with the ability to securely connect with Teradici Cloud Access Software for a rich, high-fidelity user experience to any cloud or private data center, including Amazon WorkSpaces and AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Availability and Support

The IGEL UD3 is part of IGEL’s family of Universal Desktop endpoints, and designed for virtual desktops and cloud workspace environments. The UD3 with the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1505G SoC will be generally available starting in May 2020 through IGEL’s network of Platinum- and Gold-level partners, Authorized IGEL Partners (AIPs) and resellers.