Bank of Stockton Enhances Data Protection Using Nutanix HCI with HYCU

Nutanix HCI with HYCU

150-Year-Old Community Bank Adopts Nutanix HCI with HYCU Backup and Recovery to Streamline Operational Resilience and Enhance Security and Compliance.

Nutanix has announced the deployment of Nutanix’s software solution at Bank of Stockton, a full-service bank specializing in commercial and agricultural lending and wealth management, Nutanix HCI with HYCU Backup and Recovery for Nutanix.

Data privacy, security and compliance are always top of mind for financial services organizations, and in the age of rapid digital transformation, banks face the challenge of becoming technologically savvy to reach new clients. Serving California’s Central Valley with 19 branch banks and spanning nine counties in Northern California, Bank of Stockton consistently dealt with excessive overhead and continuous patching of their aging technology to address customer needs and increase data protection and regulatory requirements.

“With Nutanix and HYCU, our IT infrastructure just works and we no longer have to worry about issues that have long plagued us,” said Vincent Lo, VP of IT at Bank of Stockton. “The Nutanix HCI solution delivers the reliability and performance we need, freeing up time so that we can focus further on servicing our customers. Having been in the IT industry for over 30 years, I can say that the Nutanix and HYCU systems implementation has been the most seamless process I’ve managed with the highest performance, capability and simplicity I’ve ever seen.”

To get ahead of the upgrade curve and build a foundation that will support future requirements, the bank evaluated Nutanix’s market-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to consolidate all its applications onto one solution. This included Nutanix’s Security Information Management System for simpler, more secure management and improved performance. Given HYCU’s native integration with the Nutanix platform and its purpose-built data protection solution – built from the ground up to provide the same experience of one-click simplicity to existing Nutanix administrators – the organization chose to implement HYCU to meet backup window time frames, provide granular data protection of mission critical applications and further protect virtual machine and file share data.

Since implementing Nutanix HCI with HYCU, the bank has been able to achieve higher productivity due to significant reduction in application processing time. Demanding, compute-intensive processes now run at nearly twice the speed of the bank’s legacy equipment, daily batch processing has been reduced to a third of the time and data backups have gone from several days to a few hours. And with Nutanix’s data encryption and HYCU’s data protection solution, the bank can further safeguard the reliability and integrity of its data and customer information.

“Banking, like many industries, handles very sensitive information, and we are delighted to help our customers transform their data centers while keeping customer information secure,” said John Bertero, VP of USA Commercial Sales. “By working with Bank of Stockton, Nutanix and HYCU could make the computing environment invisible. Simplifying their datacenter management using Nutanix AOS, Bank of Stockton reduced the amount of time spent on infrastructure tasks, all while staying technologically nimble and keeping pace with rapidly changing market opportunities.”

Nutanix HCI with HYCU is the only solution that has been purpose-built for a Nutanix-led customer.
It allows a customer to not only preserve HCI simplicity, but also provides a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV and ESX,
but it also makes sure all of your data residing in Nutanix Volumes, Nutanix Files or your Physical Servers are fully protected. Nutanix Mine with HYCU is a compelling solution that delivers everything a customer needs for secondary storage and data protection
without having to buy additional Windows licenses, SQL Server licenses and Anti-virus licenses.

Leverage Nutanix’s intelligent snapshots for rapid recovery and storage dense nodes for storing backups. Let employees use the hypervisors you have and the skills they know to manage robust data protection. And watch your CapEx and OpEx go down as your ROI soars.