IGEL Technology – from green IT to a green company

With its thin client solutions, IGEL offers an extraordinarily energy-efficient alternative to conventional workstation PCs. The All-in-One UD 10 thin client, for example, recently received the Energy Star 6.0 label. The Bremen-based company has, however, also set ambitious, enterprise-wide environmental protection targets and has already taken significant steps towards achieving them – from the use of green electricity and the procurement of natural gas powered vehicles to the use of LED lighting. In an effort to reduce its environmental footprint, IGEL is now taking part, as a model company, in the “green-transformation” pilot project. The goal is to make environmental protection an organic part of the company culture by analyzing organizational structures and work processes. To do this, Climate Change Agents identify the various environmental protection issues within individual company divisions and prepare IGEL employees for further concerted change processes.

Built in 2009, the IGEL headquarters in Bremen is a key milestone in the company’s environmental protection program. It was constructed in accordance with the relevant energy-saving regulations and is supplied with green electricity. IGEL is also certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). The quality and environmental management system undergoes annual audits conducted by an independent certification body and is therefore improved on an ongoing basis.Further environmental protection measures include measuring the CO2 balance for the Bremen site in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), switching to LED lighting in the warehouse and assembly areas and procuring environmentally friendly natural gas vehicles for the company’s own vehicle fleet. 

And there are many more projects on the horizon. Procurement management is to be made more environmentally oriented in order to further reduce CO2 emissions that result from manufacturing, using and disposing IGEL products. In order to get employees even more involved, plans are also being made for an idea management system and a “Climate Day.” 

“In order to achieve environmental protection goals within the company, we need more than just technical solutions,” said Dr. Martin Schnatmeyer, Head of the Quality, Environmental & Safety Management division and a Climate Change Agent at IGEL Technology. “It’s important to involve all employees in the change processes. This involvement can lead to many new ideas which staffs are happy to put into practice voluntarily on their own initiative. That kind of motivation will help make IGEL a green company in all areas.” 

Energy Star 6.0

In addition to its enterprise-wide environmental efforts, IGEL strives continually to improve energy efficiency in the IGEL product portfolio. The All-in-One, integrated UD10 thin client, for example, was introduced to the market meeting the requirements of Energy Star 6.0, the international standard classifying maximum allowable energy usage within given time frames. Most IGEL hardware products now come with the Energy Star 6.0 label.