Liquidware helps migration to the Cloud with innovative Solutions in workspace management


Liquidware has announced that as desktops increasingly move to the cloud, fuelling cloud migration as they do so, more and more partners are using Liquidware workspace management solutions to move their customers to Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Nutanix Xi Frame, Citrix, and VMware cloud-based desktops. This momentum is poised to increase exponentially on the back of the pending release of Microsoft WVD.

A 10-year Citrix Ready veteran, Liquidware will demonstrate how its ProfileUnity, FlexApp and Stratusphere UX products are leveraging partnerships with Citrix, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Nutanix, Amazon WorkSpaces, and more, to lead the charge as desktops continue migrating to the cloud.  

“We’re especially excited about our partnerships with Citrix, Amazon, VMware, and emerging desktop platforms such as Microsoft WVD and Nutanix Xi Frame and how these will fuel the cloud momentum being driven by the liberation of user profiles from legacy on-prem to the cloud. When WVD is coupled with Liquidware solutions, for which the former has been preconfigured, we can moreover protect the emancipation of these profiles – also keeping them free from cloud lock-in and thus enabling customers to extract the full value of multi-cloud, now and in the future,” explained Jason E. Smith, VP of Product Marketing, Liquidware. “The industry has been waiting for years for a truly turnkey solution to enter the market and now platforms such as Microsoft WVD are emerging to fit the bill, positioning itself to be one that many organizations will readily and rapidly adopt.”

Value Added Resellers and Integrators are looking to evolve with the industry as well and Liquidware delivers an ideal adaptive workspace management suite that enterprise customers now require. With key functionality for any Windows desktop that works across any physical, virtual or cloud-based platform, Liquidware’s application layering, environment/profile management and user experience monitoring enables partners to easily on-board customers to a new desktop platform with zero user downtime while ensuring service level agreements are met for user experience.  For partners interested in riding this wave, Liquidware offers online registration on its website.

“2018 was an exciting year as far as the liberation of desktops to the cloud goes, and consequently also for Liquidware as this trend inspires a growing partner ecosystem for us, with our product front and center and in the outstanding company of such important enablers as Microsoft WVD,” concluded Smith.