A look at The Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service

Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service

The Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service, previously called XenMobile Cloud, offers a XenMobile enterprise mobility management (EMM) environment for managing apps, devices, users, and groups of users. Now, Citrix annonced this back in Januar 2017, with XenMobile Service, Citrix handles the configuration and maintenance of the infrastructure onsite through the Citrix Cloud Operations group. This separation lets you focus exclusively on the user experience and on managing devices, policies, and apps. With XenMobile Service, you pay a subscription fee instead of purchasing and managing licenses.

Cloud Operations administrators handle maintenance and configuration of the network connectivity, NetScaler integration, and ShareFile integration. Citrix hosts the Cloud environment in data centers located throughout the world to deliver high performance, rapid response, and support.

You connect to XenMobile Service through Cloud Connector, which serves as a channel for communication between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations. Cloud Connector enables cloud management without requiring any complex networking or infrastructure configuration such as VPNs or IPsec tunnels.

Resource locations contain the resources required to deliver services to your subscribers. For XenMobile Services, resource locations are your LDAP, DNS, and PKI servers.

XenMobile is now fully integrated with Citrix Cloud ( Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service ), which means you’ll be able to deploy a complete digital workspace including XenMobile faster. And, the ongoing management of your workspace will be much easier with Citrix managing your workspace infrastructure.

The new XenMobile cloud offerings from Citrix Cloud will be called XenMobile Standard Service, XenMobile Advanced Service and XenMobile Premium Service.

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The newly integrated Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service (formerly XenMobile Cloud) leverages Citrix Cloud Connector technology, which accelerates your onboarding process and reduces configuration problems.








And, as the Cloud Connector is used by other Citrix Services, you’ll have a consistent experience when deploying a complete workspace solution! While other vendors may claim to be able to offer a complete workspace, the reality is that a large portion of those solutions are still only available on-prem. Only Citrix Cloud can deliver all the workspace components from a single cloud-based platform.


Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector authenticates and encrypts all communication between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations. Cloud Connector establishes connections to Citrix Cloud. Cloud Connector doesn’t accept incoming connections. If you require a micro-VPN, you must use an on-premises NetScaler with Cloud Connector. Cloud Connector, along with NetScaler Gateway and your servers for Exchange, web apps, Active Directory, and PKI reside in your data center. Mobile devices communicate with XenMobile Service and your on-premises NetScaler Gateway. The following diagram shows the basic architecture when using Cloud Connector with XenMobile Service. For more information, see Cloud Connector.

 localized image


 The following figure shows the onboarding steps. When you are evaluating or purchasing XenMobile Service, the XenMobile Service Operations team provides ongoing onboarding help. The Operations team also communicates with you to ensure that the core XenMobile Services are running and configured correctly.

localized image

 To sign up for a Citrix account and request a XenMobile Service trial, contact your Citrix Sales Representative. When you’re ready to proceed, go to https://onboarding.cloud.com.

XenMobile Service Transition Offers

If you’re currently using XenMobile on-prem and considering moving to the cloud to let us help you with the management of your XenMobile environment, you’ll want to take advantage of our new transition offers:

  • XenMobile Enterprise Edition on-prem to XenMobile Premium Service
  • XenMobile Advanced Edition on-prem to XenMobile Advanced Service
  • XenMobile MDM Edition to XM Standard Service

Workspace Offerings.

For those of you who want to move forward with your workspace strategies and leverage the cloud, I’m pleased to announce that you now have a couple different options to license our workspace.

  • Citrix Workspace Service includes cloud-based management and delivery of XenApp/XenDesktop and XenMobile Premium Service (Formerly Integrated Apps and Data Suite).  This workspace offering is the full cloud option.
  • Citrix Workspace Suite will now include XenMobile Premium Service. This workspace offering delivers XenApp/XenDesktop on-prem with the XenMobile Premium Service.  Consider this a hybrid solution of cloud and on-prem.   Available Q117.

Citrix Offerings for EMS.

It’s impossible to talk about the cloud without mentioning Microsoft, which is why it’s my pleasure to announce two new offerings that we will be delivering that lets you use both Microsoft Intune/EMS and XenMobile delivered entirely via Citrix Cloud/Azure Cloud.

  • XenMobile Essentials (for EMS) – Preview in Q117
    • Citrix Micro-VPN security for data-in-transit.
    • XenMobile apps including Secure Mail that can be managed by EMS.
    • XenMobile MDM services for high security use-cases.
  • Citrix Workspace Essentials Service (for EMS) – Q2 2017
    • Everything in XenMobile Essentials.
    • XenApp/XenDesktop cloud service from Citrix Cloud/Azure