Migrate ESXi to AHV

Migrate ESXi to AHV with Nutanix Move

Watch Scott Strohmeyer show how to Migrate ESXi to AHV – Nutanix Move and Cluster Conversion.

This eliminates dependence on VMware first for any ESXi customer using Nutanix Move, then at 4:00 for customers who use Nutanix already and just want to use Cluster Conversion. Great to have when the ELA is up for renewal or the VMware license compliance team comes knocking.

Nutanix Move supports more than just migrate ESXi to AHV, it also automates “lift and shift” VM migrations and delivers the best practice configurations needed for optimal VM performance—saving significant time and cost. Nutanix Move simplifies bulk migration of existing VMs to Nutanix, eliminating the friction associated with onboarding new IT infrastructure. Businesses can quickly leverage the full potential of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with near-zero VM downtime during the migration from vSphere ESXi, Hyper-V and Amazon AWS to Nutanix AHV and vSphere ESXi to ESXi on Nutanix. Nutanix Move (Move) is a cross-hypervisor mobility solution to move VMs with minimal downtime. Move supports migration from the following sources to targets, where first platform being the source and second platform being the target.

Move 3.4 also support migration of VMs from Nutanix AHV to Amazon AWS.Nutanix Move (formerly Xtract) was originally built to support migration of workloads to Nutanix AHV from legacy IT infrastructure architecture.