NetScaler Insight Center 2.0 released

NetScaler Insight 2

NetScaler Insight Center is a high performance collector which provides end-to-end user experience visibility.

With this release we extend the Insight visibility offering from Web traffic (Web Insight) to HDX traffic(HDX Insight) analytics.

NetScaler Insight Center is a virtual appliance that runs on a XenServer hypervisor and collects detailed information about web application and ICA (or HDX or XenApp and XenDesktop) traffic that passes through NetScaler appliances. NetScaler Insight Center has two components:

  • Web Insight. Provides reports of the performance of web applications.
  • HDX Insight. Provides reports of virtual desktop traffic.

It will now collect ICA AppFlow records generated by NetScaler ADC appliances and populate analytical graphs over Layer 3 to Layer 7 statistics. The HDX Insightwill provide in-depth analysis over real time and historical data across last 5min (real time) and last one hour, one day, one week, one month as historic data.

HDX Insight will give a bird’s eye view over all the HDX Users, Applications, Desktops and will even provide a view from Gateway level information. It will also showcase the SSL VPN license usage over the time. Based on the use cases the administrator can drill down and identify the pain points from any of these dashboards giving them a perfect visibility and troubleshooting solution.

Key Features

  • Complete ICA User Experience Details
  • XenApp/XenDesktop Usage
  • Gateway Usage
  • Real time and Historical stats
  • Network latency and Jitter stats
  • ICA RTT stats
  • Client and Server Network Stats Segregation
  • SSL VPN License Usage
  • Virtual Channel Usage
  • User Agent Usage
  • Active and Terminated Session level stats
  • Detail over Session Sharing Applications
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Layer 3 to Layer 7 stats
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Few clicks setup and configuration
  • NITRO API support for Automation

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