New UD5 series from IGEL comes with high performance and flexibility as standard

This new generation thin client model now comes with an extended five-year hardware guarantee as standard and, for the first time, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7. Other highlights include improved computing and video performance, greatly reduced power consumption and IGEL UMS management software included.

The leading German manufacturer IGEL Technology today announced the latest generation of its flagship series IGEL UD5. Now also available with Windows Embedded Standard 7, the new model boasts a 1.3 GHz VIA Nano processor, VX900 chipset and DDR3 RAM. Compared to its predecessor, performance is up around 40% and power consumption down around 25% , making the device a candidate for the Energy Star Certification. The IGEL UD5 is ideal for the efficient provision of numerous applications simultaneously, or the efficient use of resource-intensive protocols such as RemoteFX and PCoIP. For the first time, IGEL is also offering a free five-year hardware guarantee for this new top-of-the-range series.

With its large number of standard ports for connecting peripheral devices, the IGEL UD5 is especially suited to challenging applications such as POS systems, bank counters and multi-screen workstations. The IT environments supported by the IGEL UD5 series range from legacy host systems like IBM mainframes, to private cloud scenarios using Microsoft, Citrix or VMware, right through to hybrid environments and public cloud solutions.

Windows Embedded Standard 7: VDI access with RemoteFX

In addition to the two operating systems used previously, namely IGEL Linux (LX) and Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (ES), the new IGEL UD5 Advanced version is also available with the new Windows Embedded Standard 7 (W7) operating system. This move sees IGEL expanding its solution portfolio to include a Windows-based thin client with Microsoft RemoteFX client for high-performance LAN access to virtual desktops provided as part of the Microsoft VDI Suite. All Linux-based UD5 models already fully support RemoteFX.

Highly integrated, with serial and optional interfaces

The IGEL UD5 offers a PS/2 port, two serial and six USB ports as standard. A PCI Express (PCIe) slot can be used to integrate fiber optic network cards, for example. In keeping with the design, two optional connectivity feet readily expand the IGEL UD5 to include a parallel port, along with either a WLAN adapter or an integrated anti-theft USB port for memory sticks or alternative WLAN adapters. Another attractive option is the on-board smartcard reader for the economical and space-saving implementation of two-factor authentication and single sign-on. In addition to the DVI output, the UD5 is future-ready with a display port for the digital control of two monitors, as well as with a display port to DVI adapter.

Hardware now guaranteed for five years with management solution still included

Underlining the reliability of its thin client hardware, IGEL has upped the guarantee for the new IGEL UD5 platform from the previous three to five years, at no extra cost. The new UD5 also still comes with the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) software as standard, allowing customers to make the most of their devices with centrallized roll-out and management of their thin clients.

“With this new generation of thin client, we are setting new standards in ease of deployment, energy efficiency and service life“, says Dirk Dördelmann, Managing Director of IGEL. “For our customers, this means ever increasing reliability even in complex installations, more cost savings and a sound investment in the future.“

Prices and availability

The IGEL UD5-130 LX with IGEL Linux (LX) and Entry firmware package is available for €474,-. The IGEL UD5-430 LX (IGEL Linux, Standard firmware package) costs €499,- and the IGEL UD5-730 LX (IGEL Linux, Advanced firmware package) €524,-. Prices for models with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009 start at €514,- for the IGEL UD5-130 ES (Entry firmware package), €539,- for the IGEL UD5-430 ES (Standard) and €564,- for the IGEL UD5-720 ES (Advanced). The IGEL UD5-720 W7 is available exclusively with the Advanced firmware package at a cost of €599,-. All prices are net retail prices.