Nutanix AOS 5.8 released

Nutanix AOS 5.8

Nutanix has released an new updated to their Acropolis Operating System, AOS 5.8.

The following products and features has been updated:

  • Prism Central version 5.8
  • Acropolis File Services version 3.0.1
  • AHV version AHV 20170830.151
  • Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) version
  • Metro Availability Witness version 5.8

Short overview of what´s new in AOS 5.8

  • Users deploying Hyper-V clusters with replication enabled should not upgrade to AOS 5.8. Nutanix Engineering has identified an issue with replication on these clusters and is working on a fix that will be available in an upcoming AOS release.
  • Upgrading AOS by uploading the binary and metadata JSON files appears to stall and is unsuccessful if you are using Internet Explorer and the Prism web console. Nutanix recommends using the Chrome or Firefox browsers to upgrade.
  • Erasure Coding with Block Awareness
  • SAML Authentication Support in Prism Central
  • Nutanix Native Key Management Server for AOS based DAR Encryption
    • Data-at-Rest Encryption using AOS Software offers the Cluster Native Key Management Server (KMS) which can manage the encryption keys on the cluster locally, without the need of an external KMS.
    • The key management operations like rekey, backup, and import are supported.
    • In this release, the native KMS option is supported only for AOS Software Encryption, (not for SED based encryption).
    • The native KMS requires a minimum of 3-node cluster.


  • Dual level Data-at-Rest Encryption
    • The Dual Encryption Data-at-Rest Encryption mechanism protects the data on the clusters using both SEDs and AOS Software based encryption. Dual Encryption configuration requires an external key manager to store the keys.
  • Improve Software and Update Delivery Method
  • Nutanix Calm Licensing
    • The Nutanix Calm license for Prism Central enables you to manage the number of VMs that are provisioned or managed by Nutanix Calm. By default, Nutanix provides perpetual 25 free VMs. If your usage exceeds the free quota, you can apply Nutanix Calm license to increase the number of VMs as per the requirement. One Nutanix Calm license pack includes 25 VMs.
  • Prism Element Image Management
    • In AOS 5.5, image management was migrated to Prism Central with the goal of centralization and greater operational efficiency. In this transition, images were imported from all registered clusters, leaving the original images on each cluster in a read-only state. This created a feature regression in Prism Element, which, prior to registration with Prism Central, had full image management capabilities.

The following enhancements and changes have been made in this release:

  • Prism Central gives you the option to import images at a time of your choice. You can import all images from all clusters, all images from a selection of clusters, or specific images from some clusters.
  • Images created on a registered cluster reside on the cluster and can be managed from Prism Element. Images created on Prism Central reside on Prism Central and can be managed from Prism Central. If you import an image from a cluster to Prism Central, the image remains on the cluster, but you can manage that image only from Prism Central.


More Detail information can be found in the Release Notes ( requires a valid account ) :