Nutanix Default Credentials

Nutanix Default Credentials

Here you will find the Nutanix Default Credentials as in default username and password for the different parts of Nutanix.

This includes Nutanix IPMI, CVM, AHV, Prism, ESXi host, Hyper-v, Acropolis Open stack service VM ( Nutanix OVM ) default credentials ( Username and Password ).

Please keep in mind that I will update this Nutanix Default Credentials for Nutanix matrix when new solutions gets released or updated from Nutanix. The list is provided as is, and includes also not only elements related to nativ Nutanix, but also Lenovo HX and Dell XC.

So, here are the Reference post – Default Cluster Credentials for Nutanix. Please note that some of the Passwords that had nutanix/4u now might have Nutanix/4u, it might also change over time.

General username and passwords for Nutanix

Nutanix web consolePRISM / Nutanix Controller VMadminnutanix/4u (older versions uses-> admin)
vSphere clientESXi hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleESXi Hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleAHV Hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleNutanix Controller VM / CVM nutanixnutanix/4u
RDP or ConsoleHyper-v Hostadministratornutanix/4u
SSH Client or consoleAcropolis OpenStack Services VM (Nutanix OVM)rootadmin
Prism CentralAlladminNutanix/4u

Nutanix NX Series

ComponentUser IdPassword
Prism / Prism Centraladminnutanix/4u
Esxi hostrootnutanix/4u
Acropolis OpenStack Services VM (Nutanix OVM)rootadmin

Please take note that if you changed IPMI Username and Password during Foundation, this does not apply.

Nutanix Witness VM

SSHWitness VMnutanixnutanix/4u
PrismWitness VMadminNutanix/4u

To change the Witness VM default password, enter the passwd command while logged in to the Witness VM and follow the prompts.

Nutanix Move

Nutanix Move is a cross-hypervisor migration solution to migrate VMs with minimal downtime. The downtime is incurred during cutover from VMware ESXi, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Hyper-V as a source to an AHV target.

SSHNutanix Move VMnutanixnutanix/4u

Nutanix Era

VM ConsoleEra VMeraNutanix.1

In the logon screen, set a password for the administrator user in the Enter new password and Re-enter new password fields and click Set Password.

Nutanix Mine with Veeam

Mine web consoleVMveeamveeam