Nutanix Flash for Blazing Enterprise Cloud Performance

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform with all-flash is built on the best hyperconverged technology, and features industry-unique Data Locality for blazing performance of tier-one workloads.

Deliver consistent performance for any application or workload. Flash is not a silo anymore – it is ready and affordable to boost the performance of your mission-critical and high-performance applications! Discover simplicity through a complete IT infrastructure solution, with built-in resiliency, application and data protection, enhanced VM cloning, non-disruptive upgrades and scaling, and industry leading support. Customers need Cloud Performance in their datacenter.

All Flash Array (AFA) manufacturers may be rejoicing in the inevitable demise of spinning disk, but hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is increasingly upending the entire storage category. While an AFA may be faster and easier to manage than a traditional array, it’s still a SAN. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is not only a better platform for flash than the AFAs, but also than other HCI solutions.

Nutanix one-click upgrades reduce both complexity and risk involved with the upgrade process – there is no complex interoperability matrix or operational guidelines. Nutanix also simplifies the flash-based architecture by eliminating LUNs and their presentation by focusing on VMs rather than on storage constructs, and by including both centralized management and capacity planning.