SQL Database Cloning on Nutanix

SQL Database Cloning on Nutanix is as easy as setting up any other Nutanix based solution. The GUI is simple and easy, and the SQL Database Cloning on Nutanix sets up in minutes.  Quickly clone and deploy new dev and test environments without worrying about copying data.

Improve time to market by provisioning test environments with production SQL databases in seconds leveraging Nutanix automation.

Nutanix web-scale solutions ensure SQL Server deployments and application VMs are kept running and well protected. With linear scaling and high performance for both random read/write and sequential storage operations, a single Nutanix appliance can support transactional and analytical databases simultaneously with terabytes of active data.

Nutanix and SQL Mover

Nutanix SQL Server Mover is part of Nutanix’s App Mobility Services and will provide features that once again show that Nutanix wants to make the infrastructure invisible.

At the heart of Nutanix, making infrastructure simple is the key message. One that both Nutanix and MirrorSphere believe in.

What can the Nutanix SQL Mover do?

  • Discover SQL server farms, whether physical or virtual.
  • Use automation to create a virtual footprint on a Nutanix platform and dynamically apply the SQL best practices, including sizing based on the discovered SQL attributes.
  • Migrate at the Database level over to Nutanix using DB Backup restores and log replay.
  • Finally complete post migration tests.

How will this be used?

Frankly, any way you like, but the most common will be for testing; you can copy the database instead of moving it. Useful for testing and development.

Another use, when copying would be for Proof of Concept (PoC) testing. Making sure that the discovered Databases are copied to the PoC equipment and use the best practices for SQL.

Migrating the Databases for old physical or virtual platforms. This could be key when deploying a Nutanix Platform using Acropolis and moving the key databases from an existing VMware virtualised infrastructure.

Also, check out the Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices Guide here

High performance and availability for SQL servers

Whether you are virtualizing tier-1 databases, consolidating in order to improve database software utilization, or looking to upgrade to the latest application version, Nutanix hyperconverged solutions bring the predictable performance, scalability, and cost benefits of web-scale IT to your transactional and analytical Microsoft SQL Server environments.