Nutanix Move 3.0 released

Nutanix Move

Nutanix recently renamed their Xtract tool to Nutanix Move. There are several new features that is included in Nutanix Move 3.0. Nutanix Move is a cross-hypervisor migration solution to migrate VMs with minimal downtime. The downtime is incurred during cutover from VMware ESXi, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Hyper-V as a source to an AHV target.

  • Streamlined migrations with one-click simplicity
  • Near-zero downtime with full cutover control
  • Simple test migrations and roll-back capabilities
  • Cost efficient – included with all Nutanix software editions

This release includes the following new features.

  • Support for Hyper-V as a Source -> You can now migrate source VMs running on Hyper-V to AHV.
  • 1-Click Upgrade ->You can now upgrade the Nutanix Move appliance by using the 1-Click upgrade method from the Nutanix Move user interface.
    • Please Note:
    • You cannot upgrade from Xtract for VMs release 2.0.x or earlier to Nutanix Move 3.0. Perform a new deployment of Nutanix Move 3.0.
    • The 1-Click Upgrade method is not supported on a dark site (no Internet) in this release.
  • Mixed Mode to Prepare VMs for Migration -> Nutanix Move allows you to select the VM preparation mode for each VM. This setting allows you to manually prepare one set of VMs and automatically prepare another set of VMs in the same migration plan.
  • Private Key Authentication for Source ESXi VMs -> You can now authenticate the source Linux VMs running on ESXi by uploading a private key (.PEM file).
  • Nutanix Move Services Managed by Docker ->Nutanix Move is now packaged as an application whose services run as Docker containers. The Nutanix Move appliance is packaged with the Docker runtime and service containers that are required to run the application.
  • Granular Event Notification -> After you start migration or cutover, Nutanix Move now displays the granular details or notifications of each task of the migration and cutover processes in the user interface for better status awareness and quicker triaging.

Click here to learn more and download Nutanix Move