Nutanix NOS 4.1.1

NOS 4.1.1

Yesterday, Nutanix updated their Nutanix Operating System (NOS) 4.1.1. This means the general availability (GA) version of the NOS family 4.1 is now available for all our customers via the Nutanix Portal.


It also includes the following new or updated features.

  • Metro Availability – Continuous availability of VMs across two geographically separated sites
  • Prism UI – Configuration of Cloud Connect for replicating VMs to Amazon Web Services
  • STIG compliance for Controller VM
  • Data at rest encryption with self-encrypting drives
  • One Click Hypervisor Upgrade
  • Additionally, the below Tools and Ecosystem Integration Utilities are being released at this time:
  • Integration for SCOM Management Pack meaning you can monitor Nutanix hardware and software via the Microsoft Service Center Operations Manager console.
  • Nutanix plugin for XenDesktop

Data Protection

  • Updated UI for Prism UI web console configuration of Cloud Connect for replicating VMs to Amazon Web Services.


  • Prism Central scalability improved to support up to 100 clusters and 10000 VMs
  • Hypervisor upgrade from Prism UI (ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM).
  • Enhanced UI for managing a KVM hypervisor environment



  • Nutanix Engineering has identified all existing attack vectors associated with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) vulnerability, specifically CVE-2014-9293, CVE-2014-9294, CVE-2014-9295, and CVE-2014-9296. NOS 4.1.1 addresses these vulnerabilities. Nutanix recommends that you upgrade to NOS 4.1.1 to help mitigate these potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Simplified and improved certificate replacement in the Prism web console to support Certificate Authority-based chains of trust and the ability to generate self-signed certificates in the web console.

Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC)


NOS 4.1.1 includes Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) version 1.3.1. The latest NCC version is also available for download from the Nutanix support portal.

To learn more about what’s been fixed click here