Nutanix releases NOS

Nutanix NOS

Nutanix has released a new updated version of their Nutanix OS also refereed to as NOS. 

What’s New in Acropolis base software 4.5.1

Nutanix Cluster Check

Acropolis base software 4.5.1 includes Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) 2.1.2, which includes improved existing checks and functionality. One new check, valid_drives_config_check, is introduced.

Erasure Coding Improvements

Nutanix has made changes to the operation of the erasure coding feature. If you are using this feature and upgrade to Acropolis base software 4.5.1, you might observe changes in your storage capacity statistics compared to previous releases.

1-Click Upgrade for BIOS and BMC Firmware

This feature is available for ESXi hypervisor host environments only. Nutanix occasionally provides updated and platform-dependent BIOS and base management controller (BMC) firmware available for download from the Nutanix Support Portal.

In this release there are also a Tech Preview Feature

Self-Service Restore

This feature allows a user to restore a file within a virtual machine from the Nutanix protected snapshot with minimal Nutanix administrator intervention. This feature is supported on Nutanix clusters running the ESXi hypervisor only.

Click here to learn more and download ( requires a my.nutanix account)