Oracle on Nutanix best practices

In this best practices document  recommendations for the design, optimization and scaling of Oracle Database deployments on Nutanix. It shows the scalability of the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform and provides configuration information on the scale-out capabilities of the cluster when leveraged for Oracle DB deployments.

Extensive testing has been performed to simulate real-world workloads and conditions of an Oracle DB environment on Nutanix. The sizing data and recommendations made in this document are based upon multiple testing iterations and thorough technical validation. The solution and testing data was completed with Oracle Database 12c R1 deployed on Oracle Linux 6.5 and VMware vSphere, both running on the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. Testing validation was done using Benchmark Factory to generate TPC-C like workloads and SQLIO.

The Nutanix platform offers the capability to run almost any workload. You have the ability to run both ORADB and other VM workloads simultaneously on the same platform. Density for Oracle Database deployments will be primarily driven by the database’s CPU and storage requirements. Test validation has shown it is preferred to increase the number of ORADB VMs on the Nutanix platform, as compared to scaling the number of Oracle instances, to fully take advantage of its performance and capabilities.

This document covers the following subject areas:

  • Overview of the Nutanix solution
  • Benefits of ORADB on Nutanix
  • High-level ORADB best practices for Nutanix
  • Detailed ORADB best practices for Nutanix
  • Design, architecture, and configuration considerations for ORADB on 


  • Sizing and VM Placement
  • Networking Best Practices
  • Considerations for Oracle Licensing and Support
  • Benchmarking and Validation of ORADB performance on Nutanix

After the conclusion of this document, the reader should be comfortable with designing, architecting, and deploying a high performing and highly available Oracle Database solution on the Nutanix platform.

Oracle on Nutanix Best Practices Document