Raido Consultants releases Citrix WorkFlow Studio activity library

This is the activity library developed by Raido Consultants. It consists of various useful activities and is in continuous development.

Important: Raido do their best to test the activities as much as possible, however if you encounter a problem with one of their developed activities, they ask you to get in touch in order to fix it as soon as possible.

They are open to any suggestions or ideas in order to complement their current activity library. You can contact them through or Twitter @Raido_be

Download Link

Activities Include

  • Microsoft App-V: Check if the App-V client is installed and return installed version
  • Microsoft App-V: Pre-Load all applications into the client cache
  • Networking: Check a TCP port if a service is listening (for example check a web server on port 80)
  • Windows: Create a Share
  • Windows: Set NTFS security (folder or file level)
  • Windows: Remove NTFS security (folder or file level)
  • Windows: Get Environment variable
  • Windows: Set Environment variable
  • Windows: Install MSI / MST: Unattended installation of .MSI files.
  • Windows: Read INI File: Read specified parameter from an INI file