StarWind iSCSi SAN v5.8 Beta

Backup plug-in is built specifically for Hyper-V-based environments to provide fast backup and restore for Hyper-V virtual machines. It is very easy to set up and use; it makes backups just a simple task and allows fast restore of both virtual machines and individual files. Hyper-V Backup plug-in is integrated with StarWind Single Management Console that enables managing backup and storage from the single window.

StarWind Software

New features and improvements

Deduplication: Plug-in has been reworked to support data journaling. Snapshots support added.

High availability: New version of plug-in.

  • Standard raw image files can be used for creating HA devices.
  • MS iSCSI transport for sync channel has been substituted by new transport implementation.
  • Several network interfaces can be used for synchronization and heartbeat channel.
  • Heartbeat channel setting is required. It’s recommended to use client network as heartbeat channel. This channel is used for transferring service messages only, so it doesn’t produce any substantial network traffic.
  • Switch partner feature. New partner node can be assigned to existing HA device node. Old partner must not be used after switching HA device to the new partner node. Client MPIO connections should be reconfigured to use path to the new partner instead of the old one.
  • Automatic HA device synchronization after both nodes were down. If HA device can identify which node has the most recent and correct data, it brings this node online automatically and synchronizes the other node. If device cache mode is write-back and at least one node has not been turned off normally (for example, both nodes were down at the same time after power loss), HA device is not able to run autosync procedure.

RAM disk: serial Id generation algorithm changed. Now serial id is unique across different machines in the network. You can still add predefined IDs to configuration file for RAM devices.

SPTI: Buffer alignment parameter is used when checking device properties on service initialization.

Known issues

Deduplication: specifying custom snapshot name causes impossibility to create new device based on this snapshot.

HA: requires performance improvements

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