Tsingtao Brewery Taps Nutanix to Drive Innovation

Tsingtao Brewery Taps Nutanix to Drive Innovation
Brewing Giant Focuses on Infrastructure Modernization to Evolve Customer Experience

Nutanix a leader in enterprise cloud computing, has announced that Tsingtao Brewery, China’s second-largest brewer, had chosen Nutanix to help streamline their management and enhance reliability of mission critical systems for their more than 60 breweries across the country. 

China is home to the world’s largest beer market by volume, and is the center of intense competition locally and globally. To face this competition many companies focus on innovation to meet consumer demands.

“The quality of our beer is matched only by the quality of our IT systems, and Nutanix has been instrumental and a true ally in our digital transformation,” said Xu Haiqing, Head of Information Management Department at Tsingtao Brewery. “As a global leader in the beer industry, we have placed great emphasis on modern IT infrastructure. We now have an advanced IT platform that provides the confidence and assurance to match our ambitions.”

In an on-going effort to improve product quality, service and management, and create more value for consumers, Tsingtao launched an initiative to upgrade its core business operations and support an intelligent retail model. 

Prior to Nutanix, Tsingtao’s infrastructure was able to maintain operations, but the company needed a solution that could support innovation while meeting its strict technical and operational standards. Having the right infrastructure in place would allow them the opportunity to drive sustainable growth and profitability, both nationally and internationally.

Since implementing Nutanix, Tsingtao is able to easily extend their IT infrastructure while feeling confident that business operations will remain up and running. By simply adding nodes to their infrastructure they are able to easily expand their computing and storage resources as they see fit. Time spent on IT operations and maintenance have been largely reduced, due to Nutanix’s one-click capabilities, robust performance and enhanced data security, allowing the IT team to focus on business research and innovation. 

“Tsingtao Brewery is a true Chinese leader and innovator,” said Lily Ma, Managing Director, China. “Many of our traditional enterprises are cautious when it comes to disrupting their business and the status quo. Tsingtao Brewery embraces the opportunity by leveraging technology to drive innovation and the ultimate customer experience.”

Going forward, both companies look to continue driving the brewer’s digital transformation and ensuring the company has the best technology available to provide an unrivalled customer experience.

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