Vizioncore Paving The Way For Image-Based Backups To Replace File-Based Backup Methodology

Backup 2.0, The Next Generation In Data-Protection Technology For Virtual And Physical Server Environments, Generates Savings Of $15 for Every $1 Invested

Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in virtualization management solutions, is again at the forefront of major change in the industry by advancing the adoption of Backup 2.0 solutions. The Backup 2.0 campaign being introduced today by Vizioncore offers to help educate administration teams on the advantages of using images to reinvent data protection in all environments. This campaign is intended to assist organizations in transforming their environments and gaining significant cost-savings advantages in the process.

“Running separate backup jobs for each recovery scenario is a legacy data protection model that is incompatible with the recovery needs of today’s virtualized enterprise environments,” said Chris Wolf, senior analyst at Burton Group. “Organizations are increasingly looking for solutions that enable a myriad of recovery alternatives, such as a system image, single file, or email message, from a single application-consistent backup image. Solutions that meet these requirements are best positioned for long-term success.”
Parag Patel, vice president, alliances, VMware, adds: “Vizioncore continues to offer vital innovations in data and systems management for VMware environments. The Backup 2.0 campaign will help administrators better understand how to use images as a basis for data protection, and combined with VMware vSphere™, help customers on the journey to cloud computing.”

Why Backup 2.0?
As data center deployments become more and more complex, Backup 1.0 methods are struggling to keep pace and are proving to be too expensive to operate and maintain.

Backup 1.0 methods also lack sufficient recovery options and are impractical in virtual environments.
In contrast, Backup 2.0 uses images to reinvent how data is collected, transmitted and recovered, and the images are used to make backup copies rather than individual files.
This approach leads to many advantages:

  • Ease-of-use: capturing images rather than files is faster, easier and allows for more types of data to be protected;
  • Improved recovery speeds: Backup 2.0 uses a single backup image to deliver all types of recovery quickly and with fewer resources consumed;
  • Increased flexibility: Backup 2.0 can image all environments, both physical and virtual;
  • Lower costs: With Backup 2.0, data protection infrastructure is streamlined, and backup agents as well as servers are eliminated, which lowers costs and simplifies operations.

In addition, Vizioncore studies show that the resulting ROI for image-based data protection is significant: Organizations adopting Backup 2.0 solutions can expect at least $15 returned for every $1 invested within the first year of deployment.

Backup 2.0 – Features & Benefits
Because Backup 2.0 methods do not have to process the thousands of discrete files that images actually contain, they work very quickly. Recovery options are dramatically expanded to include the rapid reinstatement of entire systems complete with applications as well as individual data files or application objects.
“In addition to the myriad of benefits a Backup 2.0 solution offers, the technology more importantly allows companies to redirect IT budget funds allocated to data protection towards more strategic initiatives,” said Chris Akerberg, President and Chief Operating Officer for Vizioncore.
A popular Backup 2.0 method is Direct-to-Target, which delivers improved data compression, infrastructure consolidation and performance compared to proxy-based Backup 2.0 methods. In this market, Vizioncore’s vRanger Pro Data Protection Platform (DPP) solution is the leading Direct-to-Target Backup 2.0 product.

As a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for virtual infrastructures, vRanger Pro DPP complements existing data protection strategies such as Backup 2.0 to help reduce the backup window with minimal impact on IT resources.
For more information on Backup 2.0, check-out Vizioncore’s resource center site at to access a blog series, whitepapers, details on upcoming webinars and podcasts such as VMware’s “Understanding TCO & ROI for VMware View 4 – Purpose Built for Desktops” at 11am CT on January 27 as well as other resources. Also, sign-up for an upcoming webinar presented next month by Vizioncore and Chris Wolf entitled: “Backup 2.0: How Virtualization Has Launched Next Generation Strategies for Data Protection Technology.”