What’s New with Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace app and experience with an organization’s own brand. This month, Citrix has announced the technical preview of Citrix Brand Personalization service.

This new feature customizes the Workspace app’s name, app icon, splash pages, references to the app name in error/pop-up strings and more.

Citrix Casting support for iOS Workspace app

Last month, Citrix announced the technical previews of Citrix Casting for iOS and Mac for the Citrix Ready workspace hub. If you’re not familiar with Citrix Casting, it’s one of the most exciting features of the Citrix Ready workspace hub, giving users the ability to seamlessly roam Citrix sessions from a tablet or mobile device to any workspace station with a workspace hub. The general availability of Citrix Casting for IOS, is a much-anticipated update for folks who have been keeping tabs on the Citrix Ready workspace hub developments.

Citrix Endpoint Management targets user experience

For the month of October there are two new features for Secure Mail that are worth highlighting. Both contribute to the overall user experience by improving productivity and the methods by which we communicate and collaborate with one another.

Available now, Secure Mail 18.10.5 includes a preview of Slack integration capabilities. With Slack integration, end users can start Slack conversations with Secure Mail contacts and even switch a group of users from an email thread to Slack conversations for a better, real-time collaborative experiences, such as brainstorming with colleagues.









Secure Mail inbox and calendar notifications now can be customized to match user preferences on Android device types. In the screen shots below, you’ll notice that users can set sound, vibration, lock screen, and Do Not Disturb preferences.

Automated updates for Citrix Analytics

Delivered as a Citrix Cloud service, one nice benefit for users of Citrix Analytics is that they receive updates and enhancements without having to download, install and manage software. In October, the Citrix Analytics product team released an update to Citrix Analytics that spans features, architectural additions, and platform updates. You’ll directly notice some updates like enhanced tool tips and some minor visual additions to the dashboard. Many other updates are behind the scenes and less obvious. These include architectural updates to make way for future features as well as strengthening what already exists (improving documentation, scale improvements, performance enhancements etc.). Citrix is moving fast, and they will continue to update the service regularly, providing immediate benefit for their customers they say.

Multi-Factor authentication with Native One-time password

Citrix Cloud announced availability of multi-factor authentication capability across all its cloud services. This will help you enforce more strict authentication requirements for end users and help prevent any unauthorized access. This capability is delivered natively from Citrix cloud and does not require any 3rd party authentication service. Coming soon, customers can configure user authentication with on-premises Active Directory + One-time password. Once enabled, end users can enroll their devices using an on-screen wizard. One-time passwords can be generated on laptops (MacOS, Windows) and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) using the Citrix SSO app. This app can be downloaded from citrix.com or from the Google Play or Apple App stores. Users also can use Google authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator apps for generating passwords.

Simplified IT Experience with Secure Browser Service

The easiest Citrix security service to configure, the Secure Browser now includes a lot of new functionality. A few weeks back Citrix added a new region, Australia East, making the service available in five locations worldwide. And staying on the international subject, the Admin UI is now available in Spanish, French, German and Japanese making it possible for more of our international customers to administer workspace solutions in their native languages. To improve the user experience, Citrix has enabled the admin to change the published secure browser icon. And saving the greatest improvement for last, now it is possible for the admin to select “Auto” as a region. Thanks to Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (i.e., the technology Citrix acquired from Cedexis), the system automatically selects the region closest to the user. How about that for cool cross-product integration!