Windows 10 Powershell Optimization script for VDI

Microsoft Windows 10 powershell optimization script for VDI. The script includes specific tuning agains Citrix XenDesktop, but it can also be used with VMware Horizon View.

After doing a refresh of my VDI machines in my demo lab, I did a fair amount of Windows 10 Optimization searching. I found numerous articles, but no true and easy script to fix this quick other than a basic, without Citrix specific tunings. So I began to harvest optimization tips from around the infamous www . Ending up with the PowerShell Script that you can now download. The script basically removes all built in apps that Microsoft supplies Windows 10 with, disables unneeded services, and there are some specific tuning methods in the PS script that will give the VDI better performance.

Windows 10 VDI Optimization


The script is provided as is, and Alexander Ervik Johnsen, nor is responsible for any harm/issues/problems/crashes or similar that might happen when used in your environment. USE AT OWN RISK!

This PowerShell Script works on both native RDS Windows 10 VDI, Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View VDI. The script contains specific tuning against Citrix XenDesktop environments. This should not have any impact on other platforms, other than registry entries
Kudos to Daniel Feller at Citrix Systems for his tips in the blog series about WINDOWS 10 OPTIMIZATION check it out


Click here to download the Windows 10 Optimization for VDI PowerShell Script