XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Diary Day 1

Okay, we are off! Today it’s 12.12.2011, and Christmas is fast approaching and so is the end of 2011. So, in the good spirit I wanted to end this year, before I take vacation to live in a Virtual Desktop Environment for 1 week.
Normally I use a laptop, a iPad, a iPhone and I also have a MAC and a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Now, that’s a load of devices to carry around, and I don’t usually do, sometimes I do it, because of Demos and Roadshows, but now I can cut back on the Windows 7 laptop.

The setup is pretty basic, did some fine tuning to the Windows 7 x64 image, before I deployed it, but other than that it’s actually running XenDesktop 5.5 Machine Creation Services, Storage is running on NetApp FAS2020, and actually the switch connecting the IBM BladeCenter and the HS22 Blades with the outside world is going to be upgraded to GB switch, but at this time it’s running 100mbit. So, nothing special about this environment, and performance problem can be network from the outside via CAG VPX and in…

So, this morning although we had Snow and icy roads, I started off while the kids were eating breakfast, with connecting with the iPad from the Kitchen. Running smoothly I got up to speed on emails and TweetDeck.

This is what my desktop looks like:

{rokbox title=|vAlex :: My Virtual Desktop| thumb=|https://www.ervik.as/images/stories/vAlex_thumb.png| size=|561 350|}https://www.ervik.as/images/stories/valex.png{/rokbox}

Click it to see bigger version!

Yes, it’s a picture of a beautiful Norwegian summer day, in the western parts of Norway!

I needed to get some stuff into my Virtual Desktop, like Putty,WinSCP and other stuff that I normally use. Now, I can see why a “regular” user would hate the fact that he/she can not install their own apps, or they can but they will be gone when they boot. Good thing Citrix has the Personal vDisk stuff going on…

Well, that’s it for today, going to see my sons Christmas play at his School!

Keep Virtual everybody!