Year in review 2011 – Bring on 2012

2012 is closing in, in fact, I guess it’s actually 2012 somewhere on the globe already.
So, we would like to take this moment to sum upp 2011, and wish everybody a Happy New Year! I wanted to personally thank everybody for the continued support for
It’s been a great year, we covered both Citrix Synergy Events, Citrix User Group Norway and a couple of other events as well.
In 2011, had 418 news, support articles. Now that might not sound much, but it’s actually 1,14 articles a day!
We are not a soccer team, so we are not going to rate this as you rate a strikers goal pr match, but that’s pretty good.

On another note here are the 5 most viewed articles of 2011:

These are a selection, there are articles that hare more viewed, but these are the once that matter for the community.
Our videos have been more popluar than ever in 2011, and they will continue to roll out in 2012 as well. is also shifting it’s design in the first quarter of 2012! And will have some new killer functionality that we think you will love!

So, see you all in 2012, and again thanks for the support!