XenMobile Service Demo Video

XenMobile Service provides unified endpoint management (UEM) for the Citrix secure digital workspace. XenMobile Service allows IT administrators to focus on defining policies, managing compliance, and increasing user productivity by significantly simplifying the management of a UEM infrastructure.

Start managing devices, apps and data for secure digital workplaces in as little as two hours.

The Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) environment for managing devices, apps, and users. With XenMobile you manage device and app policies and deliver any app to users on any device or operating system. Your business information stays protected with strict security for identity, devices, apps, data, and networks.

Citrix hosts the Cloud environment in data centers located throughout the world to deliver high performance, rapid response, and support. With XenMobile Service, you pay a subscription fee instead of purchasing and managing licenses.

Citrix Cloud Operations handles various infrastructure and monitoring tasks, freeing you to focus on the user experience and on managing devices, apps, and policies.

Citrix responsibilities

  • XenMobile Server nodes
  • NetScaler Gateway initial integration and configuration
  • NetScaler Load Balancer
  • Database
  • Cloud Connector software configuration
  • SAML authentication integration with ShareFile
  • XenMobile site monitoring: Instance, database, enterprise connectivity (LDAP), VPN tunnel (if applicable), public SSL certificate, XenMobile licensing

Customer responsibilities

  • NetScaler Gateway management and updates
  • Machines where Cloud Connectors are installed
  • LDAP/Active Directory
  • DNS

ShareFile: Initial ShareFile configuration, on-premises StorageZone Controller installation, ShareFile updates

XenMobile configuration: Devices, policies, apps, delivery groups, actions, and client certificates

You connect to XenMobile Service through Cloud Connector, which serves as a channel for communication between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations. Cloud Connector enables cloud management without requiring any complex networking or infrastructure configuration such as VPNs or IPsec tunnels.

With much of today’s workforce using multiple devices to get their job done, unified endpoint management is a key component of a secure digital workspace. Citrix XenMobile Service gives IT the ability to manage a wide range of device types and applications.

Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service Onboarding Handbook: The XenMobile Service Onboarding Handbook consolidates all the available information around XenMobile Service, so you can proceed in a smooth enablement and onboarding to XenMobile Service. You can use this document to record changes for your internal processes and document the service for internal references to high-level and functional designs.

XenMobile Deployment Handbook: Planning a XenMobile deployment involves many considerations. For recommendations, common questions, and use cases for your XenMobile environment, including reference architecture diagrams for XenMobile Service, see the XenMobile Deployment Handbook.

XenMobile Server documentation: The XenMobile Server documentation covers the latest on-premises release of XenMobile Server. For details about using the XenMobile console, see the articles under XenMobile Server. Citrix notifies you when the What’s new articles for XenMobile Service are updated for a new release.

Note these differences between XenMobile Server and XenMobile Service:

  • The Remote Support client is not available for XenMobile Service.
  • XenMobile Service server-side components are not FIPS 140-2 compliant.
  • Citrix does not support syslog integration in XenMobile Service with an on-premises syslog server. Instead, you can download the logs from the Support page in the XenMobile console. When doing so, you must click Download All to get system logs. For details, see View and analyze log files in XenMobile.
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