Atlantis Computing expands Atlantis Community Experts program

Company recognizes SDS and hyperconverged experts and evangelists who go “above and beyond

Atlantis Computing on of the key players in the Software-Defined Storage (SDS) space, has announced the expansion of the Atlantis Community Experts (ACE) program.

The elite ACE group now includes 28 renowned virtualization and storage experts who are actively engaged in the industry and provide guidance to their followers on Atlantis USX SDS and HyperScale hyperconverged appliance offerings through blogs, forums and articles.

The ACE program recognizes the contributions of these IT professionals in developing Atlantis solutions and acting as product evangelists to customers, partners and prospects. ACE members gain exclusive access with the Atlantis team, early previews of products, tools and roadmaps along with business strategy insights. They demonstrate an excellent understanding of Atlantis enterprise solutions for virtual desktops, remote offices and branch offices (ROBO) and server virtualization and a track record of sharing this knowledge and insight with peers and Atlantis community members.

Ruben Spruijt, Field CTO of Atlantis Computing, commented: “We are humbled and excited about the growth of our Atlantis Community Experts. These technology experts provide us with their time, efforts and expertise in the industry and help our community grow in a meaningful way. We are looking forward to working closely with all of our experts through sharing ideas, discussing their insights into our products and solutions as well as connecting and having fun. These are exciting times, and the work we do with our community experts will not only contribute to our business but also their personal brand and the industry itself.”

For the complete list of Atlantis Community Experts read the blogblog. To find out more information about the ACE program, please visit the Atlantis Computing Community pageAtlantis Computing Community page.

ControlUp Insights with better Analytics for Hybrid Clouds

New Platform Delivers Interactive Reports that Empower IT Administrators With Unprecedented Visibility and Control of Hybrid Cloud Workloads

ControlUp has announced that they have released  a new product called ControlUp Insights, a new, innovative SaaS offering that provides collective analytics, interactive historical reports and control of hybrid cloud applications.

For the first time, ControlUp’s collective analytics enables  IT administrators, to not only compare their IT operations historically for their own baselines , but also to compare to similar IT infrastructures.  This unique functionality is critical to help IT departments set realistic goals and contain costs.

Asaf Ganot, Founder and CEO of ControlUp, says that “ControlUp Insights was designed to provide clear visibility and powerful control of hybrid cloud operations,” .“CIOs want to know how their infrastructure’s KPIs compare to similar organizations. Collective analytics are enormously helpful when it comes to setting goals and expectations, making informed purchasing decisions and knowing that operations are running optimally, as benchmarked against industry norms.”

ControlUp Real-time is used by more than 500 enterprise customers today to monitor, analyze and directly remediate problems with powerful dashboards, root cause analysis and an extensive library of community-sourced scripts that solve common issues IT administrators encounter. With the launch of ControlUp Insights, the company now offers a platform that adds historical, interactive reports that empower IT personnel.  Combined with collective analytics metrics, these reports ensure that IT investments are optimized, SLAs are met, and end users are kept fully productive.

ControlUp Insights capabilities include:

  • Collective Analytics – Unique collective analytics provide IT administrators with the ability to compare their performance, availability and asset utilization with thousands of similar IT infrastructures to guide them in setting goals and expectations, making purchasing decisions and knowing that operations are running optimally.
  • Live Reports - Simple to install, configure and use without needing professional services or a team of expert data scientists, relevant reports on hybrid cloud operations provide actionable insights right away. In its innovative GUI, hovering over a peak in a live report displays the top applications or top users of that resource to understand why the peak happened.
  • Hybrid Clouds - ControlUp helps IT administrators know when it is time to move workloads out to the cloud and when they should be brought back in again. It works with applications that are run on physical Windows servers, in virtual machines or in private, public or hybrid clouds.

Citrix updates their partner program

Citrix changes their Partner program

Citrix has announced that they are to make updates to its partner program and incentive portfolio.

Citrix is delineating its partner incentives to reward distinct sales activities. Specifically, Citrix is introducing a new suggested upfront discount for partner-identified and qualified opportunities, clarifying existing incentives to focus rewards on objective activities, and expanding its marketing development funds to fuel partner growth.

Recalibrated incentives will reward Citrix partners for the value they bring to the entire sales cycle focused on two distinct selling functions: identifying and qualifying new opportunities and solution selling in existing and new opportunities.


Kimberly Martin, vice president, worldwide partner sales and strategy at Citrix says that “they are focused on helping our partners bring our solutions to the mid-market and making Citrix the most profitable vendor on which our partners can build a business. We are committed to increasing the value of our partner programs and resources. The changes we’re announcing represent a second wave of improvements in 2016 and are designed to promote growth, drive profit and give our partners greater predictability, especially for those partners that invest in their relationship with us and look to target the mid-market.”


Enhanced Resources & Incentives for Identifying & Qualifying New Opportunities

Designed to drive mid-market focused demand generation and enablement activities that target high-potential opportunities, Citrix is introducing a new Strategic Development Fund for Citrix Solution Advisors (CSAs) and distributors. To be introduced in July 2016 in the Americas and EMEA, it will replace existing marketing fund programs and provide partners with funds to drive down the cost of planned and documented marketing activities which target the highest ROI opportunities in the mid-market. A rollout is intended to follow in the Asia Pacific and Japan region later this year.

On May 9, Citrix will launch the Net New Partner Sourced program to enable CSA, SI and ISV partners to be rewarded for identifying and qualifying new opportunities, especially in the mid-market. Under the program, partners will be eligible for a seven percent suggested upfront discount on all new partner qualified opportunities. This new incentive is additive to existing up front suggested discounts including Specialist CAR Plus and Opportunity Registration for Networking. Partners will continue to be rewarded for solution selling in all market segments through the Citrix Advisor Rewards program, regardless of whether or not they are the fulfilling partner. Altogether, partners can realize an increase in overall incentive payout of up to ten percent.


Simplified Rewards for Solution Selling

In response to partner feedback, Citrix is updating all aspects of the CAR program with simplified objective processes that reward solution selling activities throughout the sales cycle. Citrix is enhancing the rules in place to streamline interaction between partners and the Citrix sales organization throughout the entire incentive registration lifecycle.

While these program updates are focused on the significant mid-market opportunity, Citrix incentives are available across all market segments and for deals targeting new and existing customers.



Nutanix edges closer to an IPO

Nutanix Gears Up for IPO

Hyperconverged infrastructure player NutanixNutanix has updated its paperwork with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday(04/05/2016), sending a signal to the industry that the company may once more be moving forward with plans for an initial public offering (IPO). 


No pricing details were given in the S-1 filing, but sources close to the company says that they plan to list its stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol NTNX.


Data from IDCData from IDC show a massive growth in the hyperconverged market last year, with global spending up 170.5 percent year over year to $355.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2015. 


The filing also detailed that Chairman and CEO Dheeraj Pandey voluntarily forfeited his rights to 1.3 million shares of restricted stock last month, which equates to approximately $17.5 million worth at the July 2015 stock price of $13.49. Returning this stock to the equity pool would allow Nutanix to redistribute shares to employees without diluting existing stakeholders by creating additional shares and help ensure a strong position as it enters a public offering.


Yesterday's filing shows that Nutanix is in a good financial position to proceed with its IPO, having posted quarterly revenue of over $100 million for the first time. Total revenue is up to $190 million, up 85 percent year over year, with 100 percent of its sales conducted through the channel. The filing also reported 494 new customers added during the quarter ending January 31, bringing its total customer base to 2,638, an increase of nearly 19 percent.

Nutanix intends to use the net proceeds from this offering primarily for capital expenditures, as well as for general corporate purposes, including working capital, sales and marketing activities, research and development and general and administrative matters.

Nutanix has recently announced an expansion of its capabilities to provide customers with the flexibility to selectively utilize the public cloud for suitable workloads and specific use cases by enabling seamless application mobility across private and public clouds. This capability will enable hybrid cloud deployments and addresses a critical requirement for any next-generation enterprise cloud platform. Also Nutanix announced earlier this year an OEM agreement with Lenovo - read more about it here




Intel speeds up the move to the Cloud faster and easier

Intel Makes Move to the Cloud Faster, Easier

Intel Corporation recently announced a range of new technologies aimed at making it easier to deploy agile and scalable clouds so businesses can deliver new services faster and drive revenue growth.

Businesses want flexibility and choice in cloud deployment models to support innovation while maintaining control of their most strategic assets. Despite a willingness to invest in modern software-defined infrastructure (SDI), businesses find the prospect of doing so themselves to be complex and time-consuming.

Intel is easing the path with new processors, solid state drives and a range of industry collaborations to help businesses deliver new services at the scale and speed previously found only in the most advanced public clouds.

Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group, said that “Enterprises want to benefit from the efficiency and agility of cloud architecture and on their own terms – using the public cloud offerings, deploying their own private cloud, or both. The result is pent-up demand for software-defined infrastructure. Intel is investing to mature SDI solutions and provide a faster path for businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of the cloud.”

Key Ingredients for the Modern Cloud

SDI is the foundation for the most advanced clouds in the world. It makes the delivery of cloud services faster and more efficient by dynamically allocating the required compute, storage and network resources through intelligent software, carefully orchestrating the delivery of applications and services on-demand and across many users.

The Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product familyIntel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family, built on 14nm process technology, provides the key ingredients for SDI including Intel® Resource Director Technology, which enables customers to move to fully automated SDI-based clouds with greater visibility and control over critical shared resources like processor caches and main memory. The result is intelligent orchestration and improved utilization and service levels.

The new product family delivers improved performance for cloud tasks with more than 20 percent more cores and cache than the prior generation2, supports faster memory, and includes other integrated technologies for accelerating a wide range of server, network and storage workloads. Security enhancements like workload isolation, security policy enforcement and faster cryptography3 have been added to help protect data more effectively.

For fast and reliable data access to the cloud, Intel unveiled new solid state drives (SSDs) optimized for the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 family, enterprise storage and cloud deployments. The Intel® SSD DC P3320 and P3520 Series Intel® SSD DC P3320 and P3520 Series are the first Intel SSDs to use the industry’s highest density 3D NAND technology to provide users with a highly efficient, dense storage solution. The DC P3320 offers up to a 5-times performance boost compared to SATA-based SSDs4.

The new Intel SSD DC D3700 and D3600 SeriesIntel SSD DC D3700 and D3600 Series are Intel’s first dual-port PCI Express* SSDs using the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol. The dual-port design provides critical redundancy and failover, safeguarding against data loss in mission-critical storage deployments. Customer systems using the D3700 can see up to a 6-times increase in performance over today’s dual-port SAS solutions5.

Unleashing Tens of Thousands of New Clouds

As part of the Intel® Cloud for AllIntel® Cloud for All initiative, Intel is investing in others in the industry to accelerate SDI-enabled clouds, optimizing key technologies, and aligning the industry to drive the development of standards and easy-to-deploy cloud solutions.

  • Intel is collaborating with CoreOS* and Mirantis* to bring together two of the most popular open source technologies to orchestrate container and virtual machine-based applications. The merging of these two technologies into a single solution will simplify choices for cloud operators to accelerate the adoption of cloud solutions.
  • Intel and VMware* announced a network of Centers of Excellence aimed at accelerating cloud deployments. The centers will drive custom optimizations, facilitate proof-of-concept testing and integrate cybersecurity best practices in collaboration with The National Institute of Standards and Technology*.
  • Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Intel announced the world’s largest cloud application testing cluster for applications “born in the cloud.” The cluster will include more than 1,000 Intel Xeon processor-based server nodes designed to provide developers with the opportunity to test applications at larger scales and deliver the efficiency and portability of cloud native applications to businesses.
  • Intel is expanding its Cloud Builders program to include SDI use cases and accelerate ecosystem optimization efforts that allow customers to take full advantage of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) orchestration and automation. The new Storage Builders program also aims to accelerate the industry’s use of cloud-ready, next-generation storage solutions by fostering greater innovation by matchmaking between in the cloud ecosystem. Intel currently has more than 300 member companies across its cloud, storage and network “builders” programs.
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