Showcasing Citrix XenServer with AMD MxGPU

Showcasing Citrix XenServer with AMD MxGPU technology to accelerate your graphic-intensive workloads. AMD MxGPU is Citrix Ready verified for XenServer, XenApp, and XenDesktop.

Shared virtual GPU

Organizations whose users do not required full virtual desktops (i.e. OS delivered from the cloud), may benefit from virtual application delivery to accomplish their goals. Using the Radeon Pro drivers with Citrix HDX 3D Pro, IT can deploy only the applications to users without installing them on the client device. The client device does not even need a GPU, since rendering is done on the server which contains AMD FirePro S-series card. Different users securely share the same GPU for different graphic intensive applications. HDX ensures local-like performance for each end user, who interacts with their own graphics models in a separate virtual environment.

Depending on the performance needs, IT may deliver the applications directly to the end point, or within a virtual desktop. In both cases, Citrix uses AMD MxGPU for graphics acceleration.

Dedicated virtual GPU

Power users spend most of their day manipulating larger models and data sets and need more memory and graphics performance for optimal application workflows based on software such as CATIA, Creo, 3ds Max, Maya, Siemens NX and more. Such users require the graphics power of a dedicated GPU for themselves, not shared with anyone. Using Citrix, each GPU on a single AMD FirePro S-series card is virtualized for a dedicated user. Multiple users share the GPU, each in a secure, isolated environment.

AMD FirePro™ S-Series cards support Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology, enabling IT departments to create virtual workstations for greater economies of scale, better security, and higher performance of graphics apps. Multi-user GPU ( AMD MxGPU ) technology is now fully integrated with the Citrix’s HDX 3D Pro protocol. HDX 3D Pro enables users to deliver desktops and applications that leverage the GPU for hardware acceleration, including applications that require OpenGL®, OpenCL™, and DirectX® support.