Nutanix speeds up the journey to Citrix Cloud

Nutanix OEM Partners Accelerate Your Journey to Citrix Cloud

Nutanix helps Citrix customers speed up their Citrix Cloud strategies.

Nutanix has transformed App and Desktop virtualization in the past few years. With the launch of Nutanix’s MCS Plug-in for Citrix MCS in 2016, the Nutanix Acropolis Distributed File System delivered great IO performance, easier storage management and minimized network IO. A rising tide of customers recognize the value that Nutanix can bring for optimally running Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. And now they can use Nutanix to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.

The alliance partnership between Citrix and Nutanix lies in the joint commitment to solution integration. After the MCS Plugin, Nutanix followed up in 2017 with integrated support for the Citrix XenServer hypervisor and earlier this month, Nutanix announced its Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) Plugin for Acropolis. Each of these solutions not only makes it easier for you to deploy and manage Citrix components directly from the Nutanix Prism console, but also each gives you peace of mind with the reassurance that these integrations are jointly developed and supported.

Flexibility is another key benefit, as Nutanix delivers choice of the physical infrastructure on which you can run Nutanix. Nutanix is already known for supporting deployments on a wide range of infrastructure platforms — including IBM and SuperMicro servers — and Nutanix goes even further with direct OEM partnerships with Lenovo and DellEMC. Nutanix has teamed with DellEMC and Lenovo to deliver hyperconverged appliances that natively integrate compute, storage and virtualization into turnkey systems — systems that leverage the integration capabilities with Citrix Cloud.

So Nutanix and Citrix have combined forces yet again to deliver the PVS Plug-in that will provide linear, predictable scalability to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users without any performance or latency impact thereby guaranteeing exceptional user experience. Because of the deep integrations that Nutanix has carried out with the management plane and the control plane with Citrix Provisioning Services, desktops can be provisioned on demand, in one click, from within Citrix’s management console. Customers will benefit from massive scalability, simplified operations, predictable performance, better availability and pay-as-you-grow economics for Citrix environments.

Citrix Cloud Nutanix HCI

InstantOn for Citrix Cloud makes it possible to deploy a complete hybrid cloud virtual app and desktop deployment in as little as two hours. It moves the responsibility of managing and maintaining the Citrix components from the customer to Citrix. The Citrix control plane is managed as-a-service in the cloud and apps and data are kept on-premises. This strategy delivers what many Citrix customers have been asking for — a true hybrid cloud solution with increased assurance of data control, security and manageability.

Citrix Cloud Nutanix HCI

Because automated connectivity to Citrix Cloud Services is a feature of Nutanix AOS, this means it’s now available to be deployed on Nutanix OEM partner infrastructure. If you prefer to deploy Nutanix on Lenovo infrastructure, you can do so on the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX series platform. If your choice is to deploy on Dell EMC, you can leverage the Dell XC Core platform.