Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.0.3

Access Gateway and Access Gateway VPX 5.0.3 has some new features from the older versions, here is a quick overview of the new features.

  • Multi-Stream ICA Support – The multi-stream ICA feature allows you to partition multiple ICA streams in the same session. With multi-stream ICA, you can partition a single TCP connection into multiple streams based on different types of traffic that are typical for session reliability.
  • Basic Logon Point Session Time-outs in Access Controller – If you configure a basic logon point in Access Controller, you can now configure session time-outs as part of the logon point settings.

New Features available in Access Gateway version 5.0 include:

  • Access Gateway VPX for VMWare ESX/ESXi — Access Gateway VPX running on VMware ESX and ESXi hypervisors allows organizations to leverage their existing server virtualization investments and provides additional deployment flexibility.
  • Simple and Intuitive Administration — Access Gateway 5.0 uses a new Flash-based administration tool for the appliance that makes it easy to install certificates, configure access control and monitor activity from any Flash-enabled web browser.
  • Basic High Availability support for Model 2010 and VPX appliances — Two Access Gateway appliances can be configured as a failover pair. The appliances operate in active/passive mode, with the primary appliance servicing all user connections and the secondary appliance monitoring the primary and synchronizing session information. If the primary appliance fails, the secondary appliance takes over.
  • Variable Logon Points — Each Access Gateway appliance can host multiple logon points for support of different features or different user communities. Basic logon points enable unlimited logins for secure access to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop only and are enabled by the free Access Gateway platform license; SmartAccess logon points enable rich access control features such as network-layer VPN, endpoint analysis, clientless access to web sites and file shares, and adaptive access control.
  • Endpoint Remediation — When users fail to access the system because of a failed endpoint analysis scan, you can provide a customized HTML message informing them of why they failed and what steps to take for remediation.
  • Improved architecture — Significant updates have been made to the appliance firmware and Access Controller web services in this release to improve the overall performance, stability and feature set of Access Gateway.

Important Licensing Changes

Platform License Required
Each appliance running Access Gateway 5.0 requires a platform license in order to function. Without the platform license installed, the gateway will not allow logins after a 48-hour grace period. Platform licenses are delivered electronically when an appliance is ordered. If you have an existing Access Gateway Model 2010 appliance covered by Warranty, you can obtain your Access Gateway Platform License using the Upgrade My Products toolbox on MyCitrix.

User Licenses Optional
The required Access Gateway platform license enables unlimited logins through Basic logon points. Each concurrent login to a SmartAccess logon point requires an Access Gateway user license. Access Gateway Standard Edition or Access Gateway Universal licenses may be used for this purpose.

Subscription Advantage Eligibility Date
To use your existing Access Gateway licenses with this version, the Subscription Advantage on those licenses must be valid on or after September 1, 2010.

Supported Platforms

Access Gateway 5.0 is supported only on the following appliance platforms:

  • Access Gateway Model 2010
  • Access Gateway VPX