Citrix releases a maintenance release for Access Gateway 5.0.4

This maintenance release updates Access Gateway 5.0. Please note that this maintenance release is applicable to the Model 2010 appliance and Access Gateway VPX that supports Access Gateway 5.0.

New Features Supported in This Maintenance Release

Adding Web Resources for a Basic Logon Point in Access Gateway

When you create a basic logon point, you can add Web resources that users can access when they log on with Citrix Receiver. Web resources define the Web pages, sites, or applications that you want to secure in Access Gateway. For more information, see Adding Web Resources to a Basic Logon Point in the Citrix eDocs library.

Customizing the Access Gateway Logon Page

You can create a custom logon page by configuring the settings in either a basic or SmartAccess logon point. You can use the default Access Gateway logon page, use the Citrix Receiver design for your logon page, or create your own logon page with your graphics and logo. For more information, see Customizing the Access Gateway Logon Page in the eDocs library.

New Version of the Access Gateway Plug-in for Access Gateway 5.0.4

Access Gateway 5.0.4 contains an updated version of the Access Gateway Plug-in. Changes made to the internal framework of the Access Gateway appliance prevent compatibility with earlier versions of the plug-in. Users must install Access Gateway Plug-in Version 5.0.4.

Important: To install or upgrade to Version 5.0.4 of the plug-in, users must be an administrator or have administrator rights on the user device, unless you update the plug-in by using an Active Directory group policy.

You can upgrade the plug-in by using one of the following methods:

  • Push the Access Gateway Plug-in to all users by using the Microsoft Installer (MSI) package and an Active Directory group policy. For more information, see the topic Installing the MSI Package by Using Group Policy in the Citrix eDocs library.

  • Install the Access Gateway Plug-in from a Web browser. Upgrading to the new version of the plug-in occurs automatically when users download the plug-in from a Web browser if users have administrative rights on either a Windows-based or Mac OS X device.

Support for the Citrix Licensing Toolbox

Access Gateway 5.0.x supports licenses that are available from the Citrix Licenses Toolbox in My Citrix. If you download and install licenses from the new portal on any Access Gateway version earlier than Version 5.0.4, the licenses do not appear on the Licensing panel in the Access Gateway Management Console. The licenses work, however, as Access Gateway installs the licenses. In Access Gateway 5.0.4, the licenses appear on the Licensing panel.

Click here to read more about the Access Gateway 5.0 – Maintenance Release 5.0.4 (requires a valid account)

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