Citrix announces same-day support for Android 5.0 with XenMobile

XenMobile 9 supports Android 5.0

Google has released Android 5.0 , and  Citrix XenMobile has also announced that they will have same-day support for Android devices that support Android 5.0 (also known as Android Lollipop).

Why Android 5.0?

Android 5.0 offers capabilities that enable enterprise IT support Android adoption whether they are employee-owned or corporate-owned devices.

  • Enhanced Security: Android 5.0 enables encryption by default.  Also, with this release, Smart Lock allows a user to pair the device with another trusted device, such as pairing a smartphone with a trusted smartwatch.
  • Device Performance: This release enabled the scheduler to help IT optimize battery life by defining jobs for the system to run asynchronously at a later time or under specified conditions (such as when the device is charging).
  • Task Locking:  This feature lets IT temporarily restrict users from leaving their app or being interrupted by notifications. This feature is largely useful in retail, education, restaurant, hospitality or education industries.

The following versions of XenMobile support Android 5.0:

  • XenMobile: 8.7 and above
  • WorxHome v9.0.3
  • MDX Toolkit v9.0.3