DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.2 released

DesktopPlayer for MAC 1.2

Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile MacBook users, enabling you to work on your Windows business apps in virtual machines (VMs) whether you are online, offline, or on an intermittent network connection. DesktopPlayer end users gain freedom while IT Administrators gain control and centrally managed Windows VMs deployed to corporate and BYO MacBooks. Sharing the same backend Synchronizer management infrastructure with XenClient Enterprise, DesktopPlayer is a distributed solution that makes managing Windows VMs on thousands of Mac laptops as easy as managing one. 

DesktopPlayer for Mac combines centralized VM management with distributed execution of managed Windows VMs on a client endpoint. DesktopPlayer offers IT professionals and Mac end users with a single, unified product that extends the benefits and convenience of local desktop virtualization with the efficiency and control of central, policy-driven management – providing the best of both worlds.

This release provides new features focusing on delivering managed Windows VMs to Mac laptops. It includes:

  • Mac OS X Updates: Support for Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) and 10.9.5.
  • Enhanced security and control, such as Application signing increases security for the IT organization and simplifies the DesktopPlayer installation for all users. Application signing provides enhanced security because DesktopPlayer is Apple trusted software. Default security settings also provide for a faster, simpler installation paradigm.
  • Support for Citrix Synchronizer roaming. Roaming enables DesktopPlayer devices to  communicate with any Synchronizer for central management, enabling greater scalability, seamless deployments and faster updates for users. This functionality allows an administrator to create a list of universally resolvable hostnames used to identify Synchronizer servers. This list  comprises universally known DNS names or IP addresses that resolve to the Synchronizer server  residing on the LAN, or even the local subnet.     
  •  Improved user experience
    • Guest support for Windows 8.1 enables users to run the latest Windows technology on their Macbooks.
    • Full Aero Support Windows 7 virtual machine guests.
    • Support for native resolution in Mac OS X allows DesktopPlayer users to navigate to and from full screen mode by expanding the window just like other Mac applications.

 Click here to learn more and download DesktopPlayer for MAC 1.2 (requires a valid account)